So Done with Passion and Purpose. Join me?

Passion, Purpose, Woman kicking, Donna Woolam, Living at My Best

Everywhere I look – even in my OWN writing, I see phrases filled with “passion” and “purpose.”I got an email the other day, and I started thinking. (Which you all know can cause a lot of problems if you aren’t careful.) I wonder if we’ve forgotten what true passion and real purpose are, because we […]

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Belief Revolution

Belief Revolution, Donna Woolam, Living at My Best, Blueprint, Christian, CVoach, Female, Entrepreneur

Each of us. You. Me. The whole world, good and bad, we are who we are – and where we are – because what we believe. And, if you don’t like where or who you are, there’s only one thing that can help. It’s time for a revolution; a Belief Revolution.The definition of Revolution: a forcible […]

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Death is Inevitable. Life is Optional.

Mountain, Blaise Pascal, Donna Woolam, Life, Death, Think from the end, Female, Entrepreneur, coach, Christian, Author, speaker

Strategic planning has the sound of dull – boring – labor intensive WORK. Yet a life of meaning and purpose doesn’t just happen. Our world is naturally prone to atrophy and death. If we don’t intentionally, strategically, purposefully DECIDE what our life will be, it will only slip and slide toward death without legacy.90% of us […]

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Make Fear Your Food. No is Not the End.

Fear is Fuel, Donna Woolam, Living At My Best, Coach, Entrepreneurs, Female Entrepreneurs, Work From Home

This is my motto: Fear is a sign you are challenging your beliefs about something. It will be there until you step through it. Click to Tweet None of us are born with fear. We are born fully trusting. In fact, most fear is a learned behavior. Therefore, to be highly successful, we must face it […]

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Breakthrough – Everything Changes

Breakthrough Everything Changes, Donna Woolam, Living at My Best

Breakthrough. Break Through. Break. Through.Any way you say it, the meaning is clear. SOMETHING is about to CHANGE.Breakthrough – the Place of BirthI’ve experienced a lot of personal breakthrough, and I’ve witnessed a lot in the lives of others.There is always this incredible PUSH right before the moment of delivery. And, for those of you who […]

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