Skill School: Training Created Specially for Faith-Based Entrepreneurs

You've made a Wise Investment and a Smart Choice

What You Can Expect

  1. Each month we'll cover a topic that matters to you - the entrepreneur who wants to create a purposeful - profitable business.
  2. Social Media, Marketing, Price Increases, Planning and More, Program Creation, Book Writing, Finances and More
  3. You'll also learn some ways to create a business that resonates with your purpose and passion, so you give your attention to the things that matter.

How to Get Started

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  2. Check out your Affiliate page. You will earn passive income for every person who purchases a membership in Skill School
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  5. New MasterClass recordings are available every month. Bootcamps are held every other month. You can see the scheduled events below.
  6. New content and services are being added all the time. If you don't see something you'd like, let me know. I'm glad to create custom content or hold special events to serve you.
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What is Skill School?

Skill School is a paid Learning Academy designed for a person like you, the entrepreneur, who wants to take their business to the Next Level.

As a Skill School student, you receive:

  • Resource Library including Worksheets, Planners and Videos to download and use to help you manage and enhance your personal, spiritual and professional life. (Valued at over $300)
  • Extensive Video and Audio Library* of Previous Workshops and Boot Camps and Special Interviews.  (Each valued from $97 to $497.)
  • Monthly Live Workshops and Bi-Monthly Boot Camps (6 per year.)  All training includes workbooks, worksheets and planners so you can deepen the learning. Boot Camps include weekly live Group Coaching and skill development workbooks and resources. All included at no additional charge as long as you remain a member. (Individual Boot Camps are a $497 value. With 6 Boot Camps a year, this is a significant savings for Skill School Members.)
  • Surprise Guest Trainers! 

Planned Boot Camps for 2017

Subject to Change


Leverage is the key: from leveraging your fears to leveraging other people's expertise. Plan Your Profit teaches how to Maximize Your Productivity and Get More Done in Less Time.


Create a winning idea that stands out above all the rest - your “signature” program - one that people will instantly think of, when they see you online.


Ready to get your message out there in a bigger way? Plan, Write and Publish your Signature Book.


Engage Your Prospect and Maximize Your Income


Create Passive Income with an ecourse your clients will love.


You are losing money every month. Learn where the leaks are and create a plan to stop the flood.