3+ Tips to Help You Start Again

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There are a lot of reasons why you can find yourself in a place with a need to start again.

Maybe your job ended. Or your marriage. Or your contract.

Perhaps you gained the weight back you lost. (gulp)

Maybe someone you love died.

It could be you're just tired of the same 'ol routine day after day and you feel stuck.

Whatever the reasons, remember this quote from the Godfather of Get it Done...​

"We cannot start over but we can start now & make a new ending."
Zig Ziglar

Any time is a good time to start over.

You don't need to wait for Monday, or January, or the Fall.

You don't need to wait until you get the new job, the new house, the new hair.

Stop waiting for approval - or a recommendation - or permission.

But HOW do we start again? What do we need to make it happen? Let's look at a few things.


All you need is a decision.

I'm on my second reading of Mark Batterson's book, "If - Trading Your If Only Regrets for God's What If Possibilities.​" In chapter 18 he says something that stopped me in my tracks - again.

"Destiny is not a mystery; it's a decision." @MarkBatterson

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Our every action is a decision. Every inaction is a decision. You get the choice. You get the option. Remember this?

You don't try to sit. We either sit, stand, or fall down - those are really your only options.

You don't try to breathe. We either breathe, pass out, or die.

Decide what you want. Then DO.


I get it. Things get in the way. We find ourselves in situations we never expected. SURPRISE!

For those who connect with me regularly on Social Media, you know a lot of my story. If you don't, you can read it here.​ And the reality is that cruddy stuff still happens even when you decide to stand up and do. In fact, almost ALWAYS just when you have made the decision!

For instance:

The last week of September, my 88 year old Mom was rushed to hospital for something they never quite figured out. They diagnosed her with fever and pneumonia of an unknown origin. (Brilliant, right!) In mid-October, she was rushed to the hospital again. They discovered a condition she was diagnosed with in 2009 had progressed. She was placed on hospice care. They told us she wasn't "actively dying." (What does that mean????) On November 16, 6 days after her 89th birthday, my Mom flew into the arms of Jesus. I want to call her everyday.

On October 20th, our little 10-year old Chorkie, Lily, died while my hands felt for her next little breath. I buried her. She was our dear little life-saving companion in so many circumstances. I still wait for her to run out the door to go to the mailbox with me.

Since January of this year, I've regained 20 of the 60 pounds I lost.​ My clothes are tighter. I'm a bit disgusted. I still want nachos.

All of these require a "start" from me.

I have to start learning how to live without the wisdom, wit and warm embrace of my mother. It's time to start remembering the joy of her last days and forget the things I can never change.

I must stop looking out my back window and looking only to the place where I laid my little friend Lily. It's time to look at the trees, the squirrels and the birds, like is used to do.

Exercise and discipline about my diet are something I once owned. It's time to reclaim them as my possessions.

You have hard decisions to make, too.

What will you say YES to? What will you say NO to? Even when it is hard. Especially when you don't want to move. Right now...at the right time...rather than procrastinating until "someday".​


Find an accountability partner; someone who will call you on your garbage. Someone who will tell you to stop trying and start doing.

Choose someone you trust. ​Make sure they won't let you get away with your same old routine. For instance, I need a lunch partner who doesn't share the bowl of chips and salsa with me. 

Partnership makes the journey easier. No man is an island and all that stuff. 

Proverbs 15:22 says: "​Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success."

Who will you choose as a Success Partner?


So, you make your decision; you recognize the difficulties and you choose a partner. And then you fail. 80%+ will just quit. But not you. YOU will start again.

And you will start again every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year.

Because YOU have a destiny. And remember, Destiny is not a mystery...it is a Decision.

Great athletes stumble and fall. They are great because they get up and start again.

Great actors are not discovered overnight. They practice and perform in tiny little theaters. They continue to perfect their craft until the day they break through.

Scientists keep checking the hypothesis. Engineers keep verifying the math. Singers continue to take voice lessons. Writers continue to sit in front of the empty page until something flows forward.

Day by day, history shows that the ones who are remembered are the ones who showed up.

Show up for your own life. If you don't, who will?

Live At Your Best! Live Inspired!


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