3 Ways to Create Wealth

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We've all experienced it.

You see someone pitch a product on an infomercial and think, "I could have come up with that!"

Or you hear a hit song and think, "Good grief! I could have done that!"

Maybe you're surfing around on the web, checking your Facebook or Twitter feed. Or, you are scrolling the pins on your Pinterest account. You see someone making a ton of money selling an idea that you have had.​

Why is it that some of the most simple ideas are the ones that make the most money?

The creators don't have any special degrees or training. They aren't engineers or techs.

They are people who saw a need, got an idea and then did the one thing most of us NEVER do.


Today, my goal is to shake your thinking up a bit and help you get on the road to creating wealth. Now, these aren't get rich in a hurry ideas. But, maybe they'll spur you on to do something with the ideas you have in your head.

For reference, wealth is the abundance of valuable resources or valuable material possessions. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wealth)


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Pixabay - Geralt

You know the name: Angie's List​ . In 1995 the founder, Angie Hicks, started knocking on doors to get subscribers to a new group called, Ohio Neighbors. In October she got 50 people to sign up for the list. In 2011, her list boasted 1.5 MILLION members.

​The idea is to discover a need and find a way to meet that need. Consider Virtual Assistants, work from home Medical Transcription, home health companies. All of these industries exist because there was a need for a particular type of service.

What is your skill? How can you match it with a need  in your community? The secret for your wealth creation is in what you can do, or who you know that can meet a need. You may think it is just "something you know how to do" but there are people who would pay good money for your skill and knowledge.

Maybe you know a group of people in the same industry that would benefit if someone else did the job procurement? You may be the front person who meets with individuals, companies or associations to open opportunities for others.

But, creating a service inspired company is just one way to create wealth.​


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Pixabay - Geralt

HELP! I need somebody!

Solution-based wealth ideas abound. In fact, they are the stuff of Shark Tank, entrepreneurship and the inventor in the garage. Home Shopping, infomercials, and advertising abound with one solution after another.

Solution-based ideas come from seeing a need to do something easier, better, or with more finesse.

Sitting on my counter is an apple corer and slicer. Could I just grab a knife and cut those little red delicious darlings into 8 sections and cut out the core? Of course I could. BUT, I love my apple corer and am thankful for the person who decided to get it manufactured. By the way, it's also great for the home made version of Bloomin' Onions!

A few other gadgets in my kitchen: a food chopper, coffee/seed grinder, food processor, mixer, toaster, coffee maker. These are miraculous creations most of us take for granted, yet they only exist because someone saw an easier way to do a simple task.

How about the lawn mower? Or weed eater? I'm not THAT old, but I remember when my dad had an old style manual rotary blade push mower, and lawn trimming was done with a pair of hand shears.  ​

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The world being what it is, the newest solution for a green economy is - you guessed it - the updated version of this same gadget. 

Solution marketing and wealth comes from locating a place in the market where innovation or re-creation can inject some new life. Knife or potato peeler. Hand clippers or weed eater?

Powered lawn mower or manual push mower?

Your solution could be software or an app that helps keep track of everyday activities. Oh yeah, that's a CALENDAR and there are 100's of apps for those. It could be a better way to keep track of finances or recipes or thread. How about something for all of those musicians out there who need to keep track of their music?

Uber is a great example of someone who had an idea to blend a service with a need.​

What's YOUR solution to a common need? Someone is crying out for your HELP!​


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To this point, the wealth creation ideas have been about the external needs we all face.

But, there is great wealth to be made in feeding the soul.​ It's just that most of us feel a little creepy making money from the pain of others. We'd rather appear to be altruistic.

Yet, the need remains. Enter the information marketer, Bible seller, song writer and singer, artist, author, coach, counselor, and any other way you can bring peace to the human soul.

Honestly, this falls into the same realm as Service and Solution. There is a need, you have an answer.​

Now, you might not be answering the call to help people in their darkest night (maybe you are!), but you may have an answer that will help them reduce debt, create boundaries, publish their first book, get their gadget patented, get money for college, or funding for their service business.

These are all soul issues. They are the things that keep us up at night, trying to find an answer.​ They eat at us, stealing our peace of mind, robbing our joy, and manipulating our emotional stability.

Your song, or art work, or book may just be the answer someone has been praying for. When you keep your wisdom and talent to yourself, the world suffers.

Get your genius out there. Share it with the world. Make it a better place!​ We need your greatness.

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Your reason for reading this isn't simply because you are greedy! You want wealth for a lot of reasons. So do I.

Basic necessities come to mind - food, shelter, health.

Other desires - education for yourself or others you care about, security.

Comfort, fun, adventure.

Anyone who has lived through anything tragic will tell you, money really does not buy happiness. And, there are a lot of things money will not ever be able to secure for you, or me, or anyone else.​ And even though I started this out with the traditional definition of wealth, we know that wealth is so much more than THINGS or MONEY.

Wealth is an attitude of the soul. It is a determination of the heart. It is a decision of the mind.​

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Did you know that wealth is okay with God? 

Many people misquote the Bible and say that money is the root of all evil. The ACTUAL verse is that the LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

But did you know this?

Deuteronomy 8:18: But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today.

One of the promises of God is that He gives us the power to CREATE wealth. Incredible isn't it! So, when you are looking for ways to bring wealth into your household, maybe a good place to start is a simple prayer to the One who says in Proverbs 10:22 "The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, without painful toil for it."

Your mind - your heart - and your soul - are filled with incredible ideas to create wealth. You just need to get them out on paper, realize that others started with what seemed like a foolish dream, and get started bringing that genius idea to life.

Hey! There's no better time to start than today. Get going!

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments? I'd love to hear from you!

Please shoot me a message in the comments. I will answer.

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