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The Business and Faith category is filled with Biblical concepts to create a business that resonates with your Christian faith. Learn how to develop a Christian Business that is prosperous and doesn’t compromise your values.

Impact and Influence of Christian Women

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“A man may be the head…but a woman is the neck that turns the head.”  Quote from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Now THAT is influence and impact!In researching influential Christian women, I found that a lot of the data was 2 or 3 years old. Which honestly, really surprised me. I pay particular attention […]

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Ambitious and Spiritual. Can Women be Both?

ambition, success, women, Christian, Donna Woolam, Living At My Best, LAMB

To be a woman and ambitious elicits all kinds of conversation in the world today. So, call me a Christian feminist, in the best sense of the term​. I believe that women deserve equal opportunity, equal pay for an equal job, and respect for the roles they fulfill in the workplace, business and church world, […]

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What Does the Bible Say About Success?

Bible, Donna Woolam, Living At My Best, Christian, Woman, Success

Christians disagree among themselves. Non-Christians have their point of view. The question today: is it Biblical to want and pursue success? Part 1 of a 4 part series on Success and the Christian WomanLet me start by letting you know where I stand. I believe it is the will of God for His children to […]

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Is Your Life Spicy Enough?

spicy, donna woolam, living at my best, salt

I’m addicted to a spicy life. And, I’ll admit it, right here and right now…I like to watch food cooking competitions.It doesn’t really matter what kind they are. The chopped kind, the chef kind, the iron kind. I love to watch people take items that seemingly have no relationship to one another and create beautiful, […]

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