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Anxiety and Our Anxious Hang-ups

anxiety, anxious, hangups, charles haddon spurgeon, donna woolam, living at my best, bible, christian

Anxietyfrom a Greek word meaning “suspended in air”.That’s what it feels like, right? To be between here and an answer. Suspended. Waiting. Hoping.Our anxious thoughts turn into hangups. And there we are, prey for all kinds of fearful thoughts.Here’s my take on what the Bible has to say about Anxiety. anxious Thoughtskeep us struggling through […]

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Amazing Love – A Resurrection Playlist

This week, I simply want to share some of my favorite Resurrection themed songs. I don’t own them or the rights. Maybe they’ll bless you, too. More than anything, I pray they will bring you closer to Jesus, the One who loves you more than you can ever know. More About Casting Crowns. More about […]

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BEHOLD! Your Savior Comes

savior, eyes, behold, donna k woolam

It’s an interesting word isn’t it? BEHOLD, is definitely not a word most of us use every day. If we do, then our friends think we’re probably a bit on the eccentric side. It’s basic meaning is to gaze upon something, especially something remarkable or impressive. With life so busy, it’s incredible if we even […]

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Because God Wants You – Guest Post by Robyn L. Norwood

Sulamite Woman, Abishag, Robyn L Norwood, Donna Woolam, Living At My Best, Christian, Women, Business Success

God always knows what we have need of and when to minister to that need. – Robyn L. Norwood A battle that recently introduced itself to me is that of womanhood viewed as inferior within my immediate culture and this world in general. The age old battles every woman deals with simply because we exist in […]

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A Caregiver’s Story – You Can’t See the Scars

Woman, Donna Woolam, Scar, Living At My Best, The Life Inspired

I have two scars that I’ve carried with me since childhood. One is on my chest. As I remember the story, when I was a tiny, little girl, I pulled a percolator (coffee pot for those younger than a certain age), filled with boiling coffee, off of the cabinet and on to myself. I don’t […]

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Grief How To Keep Living When Everything Falls Apart

Grief, Keep Living, Donna K Woolam

Mind-breaking, soul-crushing, dream-ending grief.Cracked into a million pieces with no hope of ever being put back together.If you’ve ever watched the end of your life unfold before your very eyes, you know exactly what I’m talking about.​What’s Good About It?Here’s how the story unfolds for one person.You’re out at dinner with your Mentor and best […]

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