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5 Ways to Get Your Courage Back

Courage is NOT the absence of fear.Courage is NOT the presence of bravery.”Courage” actually comes from a Latin word meaning heart.And, even though one definition is “the ability to do something that frightens”, I like the definition “strength in the presence of pain or fear.”We get the idea,  that a courageous person is someone who […]

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A Manifesto for Female Entrepreneurs 40 and Above

Anne Sweeey Manifesto Female Entrepreneurs 40 and Above, Donna Woolam, Coach, Christian

Female Entrepreneurs 40 and above are getting a bad rap.How do I know? Because I am one. And I work with a lot of them. But, I’m not complaining; just making an observation.And it isn’t just female entrepreneurs, but women in general. Because in the workforce, once you attain a “certain” age, it’s almost as […]

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It’s All Just a Setup

Great, Be Great, Stickmen, Donna Woolam, Living At My Best, Coach, Entrepreneur, Success, Christian, Women

I started the day off yesterday like most days, with Bible reading and prayer. I ran across some words that made me laugh out loud.It was really one of those, “No KIDDING” moments. And, it was tucked into the paragraph in such a way that if you didn’t really pay attention you would miss it.​So David […]

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Why a Small Start is a Good Thing

Zechariah 4, Donna K Woolam, The Life Inspired, Living At My Best, Small Start

We see them everywhere. All of the people who are “suddenly ” launched into the scene as authorities and experts. We wonder about them: how they did it, what it took, where they came from. Today, I hope to give you some encouragement – no matter your age, education or experience, to find value in […]

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You Can Have Better Relationships

Momument Valley, The Rock, Donna K Woolam, Relationships, The Life Inspired

What is your definition of a good relationship?Your answer could be the key that opens a future full of vibrant, healthy, empowering relationships.There are four basic types of emotional personalities. Granted, none of us is purely one or the other. Your emotional type governs how you see others in your circle of influence. It also […]

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10 Confidence Killers and How to Crush Them!

Woman Confused, 10 Confidence Killers, Donna K Woolam, The Life Inspired, I Don't Know How

When was the last time you REALLY felt powerful? What were you doing the last time you believed you could take on the world? Confidence is that bold voice in our heart that says, “GO FOR IT! You can do it!​” Click to Tweet Confidence, self belief, and self esteem are closely interwoven. When we […]

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