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The Virtuous Definition of Success – Brand Trust

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Webster’s Online Dictionary defines “virtuous” as:having or showing high moral standardsYet today, it can feel like the definition of “morals” is subjective and wildly open to interpretation.How, do we live out a virtuous definition of success?​We live in a world that views any person who is successful in business, as somehow a bit on the “shady” […]

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The Power of Your Personal Brand Identity

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You are in a competition for consumer dollars. Your clients have X dollars to spend and you want your piece of the cake. Yet, when you think about the people you know, many of them do what you do. Whether it is sales, marketing, real estate, direct sales, real estate, education, information, coaching or any of […]

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Wake Up to Your Dreams

dreams, woman on hill, donna woolam, living at my best, success, christian, woman, entrepreneur, coach

A popular sleep medication used this video as a reminder that when you don’t sleep, you don’t dream. (BTW, I’m not endorsing the drug, the company or anything associated with either.)It was a terrific campaign but it meant a lot more to me than just sleep. The final tagline is something that has stayed with […]

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