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American Woman, It’s a Good Day to Be You

American Woman, Donna K Woolam, Women, The Life Inspired, Breathtaking, Work At Home Queen

History is a funny thing. Looking back we can always see something that could have been done better. There is always an opportunity to say if only. There is always something to cry about. Something to laugh about. Something to yearn for to be once again.It is true that women have faced a lot of […]

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To Vote or Not to Vote. Is there a question?

Your Vote Counts, To Vote or Not to Vote, Donna K Woolam, The Life Inspired, The Work At Home Woman

One of my favorite synonyms of the word VOTE, is GRANT.Whether we vote or not, we are GRANTING permission for whatever is going on to either continue, or to stop.As our subject this month is WOMEN, I wanted to bring to light a bit of the journey for the right of women to vote.In particular, […]

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Dear Deborah…

Letter, Deborah, Vintage, Donna Woolam, Living At My Best, Coach, Entrepreneur

Today’s challenge is to write an open letter thanking a historical figure for her contributions to the world.I’ve been thinking about all of the incredible women I’ve heard about. One name keeps coming back to me. She is very well known in some circles, and an utter stranger in others. Her name is Deborah.Very little […]

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History Making Mama

Mama, Madge Geraldine McCathern Anderson

I’ve been challenged to write about a woman I immediately think of who brought/brings about change.That woman is my mother, Madge Geraldine McCathern Anderson. Mama, David and Jesse Her first historical record is the census of 1930. I’m guessing there was some question about where she was born. The record says her place of birth was […]

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The March of Women in History

Vintage Woman, History, Donna Woolam, Living At My Best, Entrepreneur, Female, Christian

Today marks the beginning of 2 important events.1: The month of March, which symbolizes to many, the hope of spring and the end of a long, cold winter.The Online Free Dictionary defines march: (märch) v. 1. a. To walk steadily and rhythmically forward in step with others. b. To begin to move in such a […]

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The Art of Practice

practice, running, mud, donna k woolam

Practice makes better, not perfect. I learned this truth from one of my business mentors, Shari Hudspeth of Average to Excellence. In fact, I learned a lot from Shari and her entire way of doing business. 9 times out of 10, when I think of the way I want to practice business, I think of how […]

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