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5 Strategies for the Best Business Alliances

5 Strategies for the Best Business Alliances, WOW, Donna K Woolam, The Life Inspired

​What strategies do you have in place to make sure that you are building strong business alliances? Every smart leader knows that alliances are critical to building a profitable, successful, sustainable, meaningful business or organization.It’s critical because HYPE IS EVERYWHERE!​Especially when you are a small business owner looking for answers to increase, well, just about […]

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Intentions. Mama Said, Mama Said

what if, albert einstein, dreams, donna k woolam, intentions

My mom used to tell me, “Donna, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” This was usually preceded by a comment from me starting with, “I meant to…” Unfortunately, instead of inspiring me to do better, her comment somehow made me feel like I was on the road to failure; which seemed to be […]

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Authenticity is the New Black

Just Be, Authenticity, Donna Woolam, Living At My Best, Entrepreneur, Female, Christian

What I REALLY want, is Authenticity. Everywhere we turn, we are told that CONTENT and RELATIONSHIP marketing is what people want. I’m a people. You’re a people. It’s what I want. I bet it’s what you want, too. Don’t teach me your philosophy if you haven’t lived it. Don’t tell me how to make it through one […]

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Are You Living Up to the Expectations of Others?

YOUR Expectations? I Don’t Care What People Think of Me! Have you ever said something like that before? I have. But, I probably lied when I said it. You probably did, too. states: The word expectation comes from the Latin word expectationem, meaning “an awaiting.” If you have great expectations, you think something good will come your way, […]

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