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Have You Reached Your Breaking Point?

Have You Reached Your Breaking Point, Shattered Glass, Dorothy McFalls, Donna Woolam, Living At My Best, Coach, Entrepreneur, Female

I’ve broken a lot of things: dishes, windows, my wrist. I’ve experienced broken situations: a heart, promises, faith, relationships. I’ve come to the end of myself on more than one occasion. I reached my breaking point.Have you?Give Me a Break!There are many kinds of breaks. Some are great, like when we get the job we wanted or […]

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Finally Free from Self Sabotage or Dang! Not Again!

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As a little girl, I loved the merry-go-round at the park near my grandparent’s home.I’m not talking about a carousel (with horses and elephants, run by the power company.) I’m talking about the heavy-duty-steel-flying-saucer-with-handles-to-grab-to-keep-you-from-flying-off contraption, powered by the speeding feet of children!I can remember when I finally was old enough to walk down to the […]

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Your Past + Your Attitude = A Better Tomorrow

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“Let the Past stay in the Past.” Did you ever hear that phrase?That’s an awesome thought – but really – unless you get amnesia, it just won’t happen.Our past informs everything about us – consciously and subconsciously.It’s only when we drag it out into the light of day – look at it – consider it […]

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Grace to Dream or Singing Your Way to Destiny

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Something quite addictive happens when you allow yourself to settle in to your dream of the future. When you really begin to nestle down into the possibilities, an entirely new universe opens up to you.Dreams and aspirations set us apart from all of God’s other creation. We not only have the ability to DREAM but […]

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