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3+ Tips to Help You Start Again

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There are a lot of reasons why you can find yourself in a place with a need to start again.Maybe your job ended. Or your marriage. Or your contract.Perhaps you gained the weight back you lost. (gulp)Maybe someone you love died.It could be you’re just tired of the same ‘ol routine day after day and […]

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Getting from Here to There – Transition

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Transition happens all the time. Sometimes it is slow and steady – like dark, to twilight, to day light. Sometimes it is dramatic – like when someone turns on the light while you’re sleeping in a dark room.Today, though, I’d like for us to think about transition as a birthing process. And, if you’ve ever […]

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196 to 136 – Weight Loss Transformation

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December 23, 2013, I weighed in at 196 lbs. It’s my moment of weight shame, but it doesn’t mean I was a bad person. It means that my life was out of control – in a lot of ways. It was time for transformation – and more than just weight loss transformation.True transformation always begins […]

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Reset Now to Be Ready for the Next Season

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Reset. It seems that life is filled with reset opportunities. A reset is great if the game you’re playing is beating you. Or, if your wifi is wonky. Or, if you’re one of THOSE people who constantly hits the snooze button.A reset ISN’T so great when you are in the middle of a project you’ve worked […]

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