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Orphaned to Destiny

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I’m thinking about Transformation and Destiny in ways I never have. And, in that process I thought about Esther from the Bible. If you are a Bible reader, you might not have considered that Esther is a wonderful example of transformation. Anyway, I never have. She has always been an incredible example of what one […]

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5 Truths of Transformation

Monarch Butterfly, Transformation, Donna K Woolam, Living At My Best, The Life Inspired

There’s something about delicate flying things like butterflies. No matter the color or size, a butterfly can make any child clap in delight and most adults smile with the knowledge that spring has finally arrived. I grew up in an area of Texas that has the privilege of being on the edges of the Monarch Butterfly […]

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How to Be a Reinvention Ninja

Reinvention Ninja, Kata, Woman Karate, Living At My Best, The Life Inspired

Hi-YAaaa!No. Not ‘hi ya.’ But that distinctive crack of sound from a karate chop.Say it now – with feeling… Hi-YAaaa!​It’s also the sound of the REINVENTION NINJA at work. Hacking away at things that don’t serve life, progress, hope and vision.What area of your life deserves reinvention? I’m not talking about a resolution. I’m talking […]

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3 Minutes ’til Curtain

When the curtains pull back, are you ready to play the role of YOUR LIFE? Every day should demand our complete attention to the details. We never know when it might be our last. This isn’t the way we awaken each day, thinking it might be our last. That is unless we’ve been touched by the […]

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Start Again

Mandela Quote, Start Again, Donna Woolam, Living At My Best

“We don’t know what is wrong, but we think it will get better.” These are the words I have heard over and over again in the last two weeks. You see, my husband – the love of my life has been battling cancer, and the healing process, for the last two years. He was diagnosed […]

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