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Accelerate Your Business: Change Your Belief

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Faster - Faster - Faster! Most of us yearn for our business growth to accelerate. 

Yet, there are some principles and laws of motion we ignore when it comes to accelerating growth, influence and authority. So, let's check them out and see how we can practically apply them to develop a sustainable business.

Accelerate: The Laws that Matter

Isaac Newton stated two laws when it comes to motion. 

The Law of Inertia states that as long as the force placed on an object is equal to the object's ability to resist, nothing moves. If I have 50 lbs of strength and the object has 50 lbs of resistance - nothing happens.

All things being equal, all things stay the same.

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The second law, is the Law of Acceleration.​ Here we have the same concept, except when the forces are unbalanced, movement occurs. And when the force moving on the object is stronger than the resistance, well then, things accelerate. 

All things being unequal, something's gotta give.

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Belief and Acceleration

Day by day, you and I make choices about what we will do in our business.

We either sit comfortably in our dream chair and think about the future, or we get up and get something done to move it forward. The deciding factor is our belief about what actually can happen.

In my article Location, Location, Location, I discuss the importance of identifying where you are today. In order to accelerate growth, it is critical to discern if you ACTUALLY believe you can get to the level of income, influence and authority you say you want. Because, if you don't - you won't. 

When we have a conflict between what we say and what we believe, we enter into a state known as cognitive dissonance.​ Cognitive Dissonance is defined as: the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

When Push Comes to Shove

I have some bad news for you. Nothing changes unless you change.

And, here's another piece of bad news. Where you are today is a result of the actions (or inaction) you have taken.

Every step of the way, you and I make decisions on the information we are served. Most of the time, we make the same decision we did the last time - and the time before that - and the time before that. It has become our habit to respond in a certain way.

As a consequence, we have developed patterns of behavior that keeps feeding our beliefs, and thus, our actions.

Each time we push through the barriers and make a new choice, our brain goes a little wonky sending out fear signals.​ But, with repeated action, we can put the voice to rest. Now, we have a new normal.

The law of motion states that any object at rest will remain at rest - until it gets a good push!

The only difference between you and the person you wish to be, are the things you believe and the actions you take.

Connect the Dots

First of all, did you know the mind and the brain are not the same thing? For many years it was believed they were, and that the brain was the controlling force of how the mind works. In recent years, the science of neuroplasticity has shown that we can reorganize and develop our brain by how we think. You can literally change your brain!

Your actions today have been created by two forces. (See the laws of inertia and acceleration above.)

Most of all, the ONLY way to create a pedal to the metal reality is to bring your thoughts and emotions together. As a result, your beliefs create corresponding actions.

Your ideas/thoughts/knowledge + your emotions = your belief = your action.

Consider this scenario:

You are an entrepreneur, working your passion business on the side. Your goal is to earn enough income to consistently replace your salary so you can leave a traditional 9-5 and work from home.

For this dream to become a reality, you must bring your thoughts and emotions into agreement in order to create the right kind of actions and activities.

The life of an entrepreneur is not for the faint-of-heart. There are a lot of ups and downs. Consequently, it is the greatest self-growth plan in which you participate​. As an experienced entrepreneur, I assure you that every day you'll discover something new about yourself.

Because your business is 90% what you believe and 10% what you do, it is essential to be clear about your beliefs. You have an internal picture that is framed by your past experiences, your current realities and the voices of every person you know. Unfortunately, we have been taught that saying what we believe stops our progress. 

If your internal picture doesn't match your confession, you experience inertia. And your daily confession doesn't help because your daily struggle, tied to a deep-seated fear about financial stability, doesn't look like your picture of success. As a result, your belief keeps you stuck in inaction. The more you hesitate, the more likely it is that you step back from your dream. As a result, you rationalize that working from home it isn't a rational goal.

However, when you begin to feed your mind new information, you are more likely to get into action. You can feed your mind with success stories of people like yourself, participate in mastermind groups, or engage a coach to help you put definite strategies to work. As a result, you channel your emotions in a different direction and create new actions.​

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Get in the HOV Lane

Take your place on most any major highway through a metropolitan city and you'll see the opportunity to enter the HOV lane; that is, the high-occupancy vehicle or carpool lane.

Typically, it is a restricted lane for travel during high traffic times, and only vehicles with a driver and one or more passengers. Often, a special pass is required to use the lane. Most critically, you can't dawdle around in the HOV lane or you will make a lot of people frustrated.

Incredibly, the HOV lane is one of the least traveled paths. Most people would rather stay with the flow of traffic. Either they choose to travel alone, or they don't want to pick up speed.

Business is the same way.

As entrepreneurs, we typically travel our business path alone. It's the nature of our nature. We are adventurous - pathfinders - lone wolf types, who look to a far horizon.

However, just like the HOV lane on the interstate highway, travelling with a companion or two can empower us to move faster. It also helps us to stay motivated to keep moving when we are tempted to veer off the road.

Isolation is one of the hidden and crippling factors of entrepreneurship. We don't realize that others fight the same mind battles, struggle with the same tech issues and face similar doubts about the viability of our products or services.

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In a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, you can discover partners to walk the path with you. Or, if you want to truly take your experience supersonic, hire a private coach. Either of these will help you to have different experiences and think new thoughts. With these in place, your beliefs will change so you can get into action.

Faith to Accelerate

Remember that the Bible says, "as a man thinks, so is he." We also read that faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for and the EVIDENCE of things not seen.

Hebrews chapter 11 is called the Hall of Faith. In it, we read a summary of the exploits of men and women of God, who though they had never seen it, believed in a Promised Land. Because they had the stories of the people who had gone before, they knew that God is faithful to His promises.

Often, I remind myself that if the Lord promised it, He will bring it to pass. You have to do the same thing.

And I also remind myself that if He ever did "it" for one, He can do "it" for me.

You see, I believe the work we do as entrepreneurs isn't one dimensional. Just like pebbles thrown into a pool, our lives have a ripple effect. And because of that, I am called to do my work to the greatest of my ability. Yet, it isn't just my ability at work. It is also the Lord's supernatural ability at work in me. And in you.

Your work isn't only in your hands. Have you been trying to build your business on your own? if so, I'd like to suggest that the first step to acceleration is to turn over the results to the Lord. Trust that you are HIS workmanship, and that He will give the wisdom, skill and resources to do the work of your heart.

Psalm 90:17 - ​"May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us-- yes, establish the work of our hands."

Practical Tips You Can Do Today to Accelerate Your Business

  • Turn your work over to God.
  • Examine your thoughts, experiences and emotions for what you truly believe about the possibility of success in your chosen work.
  • Ask yourself, "What is slowing me down, blocking my path, or stopping me from moving forward?" Do this three or four times so you can get to the root of the issue.
  • Find a group like Skill School to become a member of so you can have a community to work with.
  • Consider hiring a private coach who specializes in business development and growth who will help you accelerate your results.
  • Choose ONE THING you can do every day to put yourself in motion. If you've been stuck in inertia this is especially important.

Are you ready to take the next step?
Join us in Skill School.

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