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Anxiety and Our Anxious Hang-ups

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from a Greek word meaning "suspended in air".

That's what it feels like, right? To be between here and an answer. Suspended. Waiting. Hoping.

Our anxious thoughts turn into hangups. And there we are, prey for all kinds of fearful thoughts.

Here's my take on what the Bible has to say about Anxiety.

anxious Thoughts

keep us struggling through our day to day life. They rob us of joy. They crowd in on our nighttime escape of dreams. And because of this, they color our attitudes and steal our relationships.

Only by casting away these anxious thoughts into the hands of the One who can do anything about them - will we ever be free.


They are the sticking points in our life. We literally get caught on thoughts, beliefs, fears. We are snagged by the unknown. With our hearts pounding in our ears, we wait for the other shoe to drop. And because we are watching for the event, the shoe of course crashes down.


It's the gift of a life that knows it is loved - truly loved. It is that Perfect Love that casts out all of our fears because we cast away our anxiety onto Christ.

No more trampled underfoot by the what ifs of the future. But, securely held by the hand of the Almighty One who is our sure foundation. On Christ. I stand.

How do we get free?

You might be saying, "Thanks alot for all this syrupy advice, but how do I get free - right now - today?"

The first step is to know the One who loves you. Contrary to all popular thought - God isn't out to get you. At least not in the way you might think. He doesn't have a big hammer waiting to beat you down like a whack-a-mole game.

He is out to rescue you - catch you from the free fall of fear.

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