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It’s an interesting word isn’t it? BEHOLD, is definitely not a word most of us use every day. If we do, then our friends think we’re probably a bit on the eccentric side. It’s basic meaning is to gaze upon something, especially something remarkable or impressive.

With life so busy, it’s incredible if we even actually SEE what is going on around us, much less take the time to GAZE upon, or BEHOLD something; spending time to consider what we are seeing, thinking about its meaning and implications.

We have turned the corner from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Now the madness really begins as people all over the US spend way too much money on things that will be left behind a pillow or pile of clothes; only to be rediscovered weeks from now.

I guess I become a bit nostalgic. I hear the voice of Charlie Brown saying, “Does anybody know what the meaning of Christmas really is?” and Linus, his faithful sidekick saying, “Yes, Charlie Brown. I know what the meaning of Christmas is.” “Behold, I bring you tidings of great joy.”


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As I consider our lives as Christians, I wonder why we neglect to understand that Jesus is our Saviour EVERY DAY. We don’t mean to do it, but somehow we relegate the idea of “saviour” to Christmas and Easter.

Most of the time, we place our God strictly in the rule of Rule Giver and Judge. Yet, our King is also our Deliverer. Somehow we get the idea that ‘once we are saved’ we have to figure out the rest on our own. Then comes the horrible thought that if we don’t get it right, we are somehow worse off than we were before we knew the truth of the Gospel – the Good News. BEHOLD! Your Saviour Comes!

The ways our God delivers us are often hidden – right in plain sight. Who would have imagined that a baby born to a virgin would become the One to save the world from it’s sin? Who would have considered that an old, old man and his old, barren wife would give birth to a nation (Abraham)? Who would suppose that a back field shepherd, who murdered for the sake of love, would be called “a man after God’s heart” or give birth to a man considered to be the wisest man of all time (Solomon)?

The promises of God don’t always look the way we think they will, or should.  I’m sure when you stop to think about it, when you GAZE upon the moments, you will BEHOLD many times when the Lord has delivered you – saved you – from situations that only He could have fixed.

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Originally published November of 2014. Edited for updates. Still the truth.

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