Brand You: Stop Using Facebook to Sell to Your Friends

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Monday morning. Last week of the month.

You're short about $950 to meet your sales goal, but that's okay. You've got a party tonight and there shouldn't be any problems reaching that target.

One of the gals on your team, Cara, said she's putting in an order this week too, so your organization activity goals are met.

It feels great to be on target for your goals this month.

10:00 am. Your hostess for tonight shoots you a text and cancels. Family emergency. Sorry.

Mild panic sets in. What now? You think, "Guess I'll hit up my Facebook friends and see if I can get some orders."

You open up your email and there's a message from Cara. "I'm so mad!. I can't get my hostess to close her party!!!! She's going to wait until next weekend when her cousin comes in."

What now?

Typical Actions = Typical Results

Any Direct Sales coach worth her salt will tell you there are some simple ways to keep from ending up in this situation. And, she'll admit thousands of Direct Sales, Party Plan and Network Marketing consultants are in this situation every single month. You are not alone.

So, what do you do?

Recruit more. Overbook. ​Create unique ways to share your products (read Facebook Live and Instagram stories). Hustle, hustle, hustle.

​But what if there's a better way to create financial stability and surety in this crazy world of working from home? Would that help?

Brand You

Darling, it doesn't mater what you sell - someone else sells it - or something like it. And, if you don't stand out from the crowd, you will struggle every month. We like to think our "brand" is best. but everyone believes that about their company.

If your clients and customers don't connect with you, they'll easily buy from someone else. And, if your messaging isn't clear, when they get ready to earn some extra cash - they'll join someone else's team.​

YOU are the only unique commodity in the picture. Only YOU bring YOU to the table.

Your Social Media Friends Are Tired of Your Posts

Buy this! On Sale This Week Only!

Join My Team! Just $15 to Get Started!

Have a Party!

Buy the Kit!

Get the Bonuses!

Newly Released Study Proves We're the Best!​

Holy Macaroni! THIS is what I see in my Facebook feed day after day. And my heart aches for you if that is your regular way of building business and your customer base.​

At your heart, I know you just want to share the good news of what you're doing. And, on occasion, you might get 1 or 2 responses. But Sweetie, your posts reek of desperation. Chances are, many of your friends are tired of it and are hiding your posts.​

There's a Better Way

If you're tired of this routine, I'd like to share a better way with you. Is that okay?

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Resist the urge to put one more post about your business on your Facebook personal profile. You can do it!

If you don't have an account with an email autoresponder company, get one today.

My personal favorite is ConvertKit​. You can get a free trial and the monthly fee is tiny for what you get. Please, you don't have to have a website to do some cool online stuff. If you don't like what you see, don't worry. There are other companies out there. Pick one and sign up today.

To help you build a strong email-based community, click to get a free Master Class training on 7 Simple Ways to Build Your Email Community​.

Do an inventory of what makes you stand out, and give it a name.

For example - my brand is Living At My Best. That story was built in 2003 when I learned I needed a personal icon to stand out from all the thousands of home decor consultants in the US. With a last name like Woolam, I didn't look too far. Lamb.

However, I wanted it to mean something. I landed on the acronym LAMB - Living At My Best. It conveys a subtle message about what I believe and what I hope.

From that time forward, my hostesses received Lambs of some sort and my team was called the LAMBs. It has been my marketing persona since; no matter the company, the product or the service.

What Next?

Break free from the crowd. YOU are the best "product" you offer potential clients and associates. Step apart from the products and services you sell. Create a community instead of a prospect list.

There are a few more steps to help you break out of the pack. Bookmark my site or become a member of my community to get  more help and the rest of the series on how to Brand You. 

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