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Break Through.

Break. Through.

Any way you say it, the meaning is clear. SOMETHING is about to CHANGE.

Breakthrough - the Place of Birth

I've experienced a lot of personal breakthrough, and I've witnessed a lot in the lives of others.

There is always this incredible PUSH right before the moment of delivery. And, for those of you who have either have birthed children, or witnessed the birth of a child, you know that it's kind of messy, pretty scary, and incredibly beautiful.

The incredible thing, is that once the natural birthing process begins, little can stop it. Even those who have an early labor have few resources to make the birth stop or slow down. Once it's's time.

​The natural response to Momentum, is Breakthrough. 

5 Ways Breakthrough Shows Up

Obviously, if we keep with the birth example, you would think that a woman would know when she is pregnant, but interestingly enough, some women don't.

I've never understood how a woman could go through nine months of pregnancy and yet not know that birth was about to happen. Yet, statistics show that 1 out of 500 women don't know they are pregnant until they are five months or more along. And one in every 7,775 don't know until the baby is born! It's called "cryptic pregnancy".

The significant difference between birth and breakthrough is that we CAN avoid the transformation that will bring on the change. ​

Understand this, I am a BIG believer that you can experience a personal or professional breakthrough at any moment! Knowing how to prepare for breakthrough is part of the growth process.  Don't get caught by surprise. Watch for the clues. They are everywhere, if you know where to look.

Clues are Everywhere

Merriam-Webster defines BREAKTHROUGH as: 

  1. warfare : an offensive military assault that penetrates and carries beyond a defensive line

  2. an act or instance of moving through or beyond an obstacle; a breakthrough in the talks between the region's leaders; a breakthrough agreement

  3. a : a sudden advance especially in knowledge or technique; a medical breakthrough 

    b : a person's first notable success; a breakthrough novel; the actress's breakthrough performance

While you may feel like you're simply going through the motions day-by-day, many events and opportunities have been introducing themselves into your life. Here are some clues you are headed toward breakthrough.

​#1 - Movement of Resources

"warfare : an offensive military assault that penetrates and carries beyond a defensive line"

In strategic warfare, there is a buildup of troops, or movement of resources from one location to another. When you are tired of living in captivity, you will begin to change. Typically, it will be a subconscious shift. Suddenly, you'll realize you've changed location, so to speak.

Are you giving more time and attention to ​a particular area of your life or business. You are MOVING RESOURCES. This is a sign of upcoming change.

#2 - Negotiate to Move Through an Obstacle

"an act or instance of moving through or beyond an obstacle; a breakthrough in the talks between the region's leaders; a breakthrough agreement"

In definition 2, we see that negotiation has occurred to move through an obstacle in the path or process. Negotiation isn't just about compromise. When you "negotiate a turn", you concentrate on the skills required to make the turn safely. An obstacle course will present numerous opportunities to move through challenging situations. Are you willing to swerve a bit to get where you want to go?

Are you ready to compromise in areas that were "holy ground"? Have you chosen to lay aside one part of your business (say, a particular social media platform) to concentrate on another (marketing)? You are NEGOTIATING THROUGH AN OBSTACLE. This is another sign of possible change.

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#3 - Advance in Knowledge

"a sudden advance especially in knowledge or technique; a medical breakthrough"

For number 3, some new knowledge has come to the forefront to change the facts of the situation. To be someone different, you must know something new. And, it isn't just about acquiring knowledge, it's about putting it to work.

Learners are earners and readers are leaders.​

Are you captivated by new areas of information, education or knowledge gathering? Do subjects that once held your interest above all others now live on a back burner? Have you discovered a new system that makes your life or business easier, more productive or profitable?

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"When it's painful enough, you jump." Stanley McChrystal

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#4 - Change in Reputation

a person's first notable success; a breakthrough novel; the actress's breakthrough performance

Reputation, authority, and influence are how the world sees you. Yet, if you want to have a stellar reputation, or operate in the the highest realms of authority and influence, it begins in YOU. What you believe about yourself will color how others think about you. Are you practicing for the victory you want? Do you have a positive mindset?

Are you becoming known for a particular topic, service or personality trait? Breakthrough is on the horizon. 

#5​ - Dissatisfaction or Restlessness

What you once enjoyed doesn't hold any sparkle for you. - Donna Woolam

Dissatisfaction and restlessness are indicators that you are on the move. And when you are on the move you have two choices - more forward or move backward. 

An indication you are moving forward, is that you are willing to try new things, meet new people, learn new skills. Additionally, you'll begin to lay down habits, attitudes and relationships that aren't serving you and the direction you want to go.​

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Ready for the Change?

Breakthrough - whether you want it for your personal life, or your business growth, isn't something you get out of a box.

You can't buy it from a coach, learn it from a book, or choose it from a menu.

Real breakthrough - true transformation - only comes from inside of you. When you are ready - it will come. But. Not. Until. You. Mean. It.

Often, we say we want breakthrough because we are uncomfortable or because we have trouble paying our bills. What we really want, is the pain to go away.

Honestly, we make a treaty with our situation that as long as the pain of our circumstances doesn't really get worse, we'll settle. We hate the idea of settling, but it's a lot easier than change.

Meaningful transformation occurs when you are willing for what needs to change in YOU, to take place. It goes beyond the circumstances. In fact, the circumstances don't matter any more.

If transformation doesn't occur in YOU, then the next time you are faced with a financial challenge, a relationship meltdown, or a physical need, you'll respond in exactly the same way.

You'll procrastinate about writing the book.

The phone call will never be placed.

You'll surrender to sickness, lack, depression.

Another plate of nachos (my experience) will take the
place of meaningful conversations to heal your relationships.

When you're ready for real breakthrough, you'll prepare for it's arrival by:
A. Waging war for it.
B. Moving through the obstacles which keep you from it.
C. Learning new skills to build it.
D. Preparing your dress for the award ceremony.
E. Realizing your restlessness is a sign that birth is coming.​

The LAMB System helps move you through 4 stages in business: 

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Join us in Skill School, to create a life and business you love. After all, isn't that what Living At My Best really is?

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