Call for the Storm If You Want a Rainbow

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It’s rainy season where I live. And that means a storm will definitely come through.

I sit on my patio and watch the rain pour down in translucent sheets. I can almost see and hear the plants grow.

The birds dance and bathe in the puddles, singing their springtime songs. The trees are dressed in an unreal, crayon shade of primary green.

The earth, like a baby bird with it’s mouth open wide, drinks in all it can hold; the extra spilling over the sides of it’s yellow-rimmed beak.

After years of drought, the land is rejoicing. Where the land has been softened by watering or lightly falling showers, the land is able to drink in the nutrition.

Because of the drought, a lot of the ground is hard and un-receptive to the life-giving flow. It has forgotten how to receive everything the rain intends. So, floods are raging, too. Destruction is all around.

The same rainbow covers all the land, but only some see it for what it is – promise of better days.

Dolly Parton said that if we want to enjoy the rainbow, we have to put up with the storm.

We love rainbows but you can know this, someone – somewhere – had to put up with a rainstorm that may have ruined their plans.

Hmmm, maybe it was even YOU that had your plans ruined by a recent storm.

Storm Cloud, Donna Woolam, The Life Inspired, Living At My Best

What storm are you going through?





Chances are there were some indicators of the coming storm; a  few weather reports if you like, that gave you a warning or two.

A rumble of thunder far away.

A stray splash of rain.

An authority that told you to take an umbrella.

Take a few moments to look back to the things that led up to this storm.  Just like in nature, there are typically signs of an upcoming deluge. Did you miss something? Did you prepare? How could you have been ready?

Are you ready for the lessons that the storm has brought to you? Or, are you like rain-starved, drought-ridden soil that has forgotten how to receive all of the nutrition the rain brings? Will the flood build you, or destroy you? Will you be ready for the next storm?

I Want My Rainbow!

You can’t change the fact that it happened, but maybe you can be better prepared next time.

It is important to remember: the storm you’re in has set you up for a rainbow.

An unpleasant truth is that until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change — you’ll stay the same.

Maybe this storm is just what you need to catapult you to the other side and the rainbow’s end you’ve been looking for.

Maybe it’s time to open your arms wide, throw your head back and call for the rain!

Oh… there is that pot of gold to look for, right?

Live Inspired! Live At Your Best!



PS: Share with me in the comments the storms you are facing. Maybe together we can find the rainbow.

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