Collaboration – I Get By With a Little Help FOCUS Part 3

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We're here at PART 3 of the 5-Part Series on Focus. Our topic? Collaboration.
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F= Foundation

O = Optimization

C = Collaboration

U = Understanding

S = Stability

When I see the word COLLABORATION - the first thing I think of is CO-LABOR.

When we're working on a plan or project alone, we can get tunnel vision. That is, we only see what is right ahead of us, and don't often see the alternative routes or processes.

A collaborator can help us see options we would otherwise miss.​ #focus

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Whether it's a networking community, a mastermind group, or your husband, it is good practice to speak and show others what you are doing, and where you are in the process.

For me, sometimes simply saying something out loud to someone else is enough to help me see that I've missed a good exit ramp in my project.​

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Here are some tips to help you find a good Collaborator Co-Laborer for your project:

  • Someone that has your best interest at heart.
  • Someone who will let you talk through the situation before adding to the conversation.
  • Someone who will tell you the truth, even if you don't like it.
  • Someone who does not necessarily have a vested interest in your process or outcome.
  • Someone who does not have a financial tie to any one particular strategy.
  • Someone who's got your back.

What kind of Tortoise Team Mate do you have?

In the real world of the tortoise, male mating rivals will often attempt to flip each other over. Why? Well, if a tortoise doesn't get flipped back upright, it will die.

The incredible thing about tortoises is that they will help each other get flipped back over. We see the videos all over the internet. In fact, I have one posted below.

So, when you're thinking about WHO your collaborators will be, make sure they AREN'T in competition with you - ​and that they ARE ready to help you get turned right side up again should you flip off the deep end.

This week's assignment? Share your project with someone who can help you get out of the mud and back on to the road. And, if you see someone flipped over, be a friend and help them flip back over. It's the tortoise thing to do.

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