Consistent Action – If You Don’t Have THIS You WILL Fail

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If I could gift every entrepreneur reading this post one thing - it would be the ability to take CONSISTENT ACTION

I've met a lot of gifted and skilled women. Most of them smarter and more skilled than I. However, somewhere along the way they laid down their dreams of success and settled for the routine of day-to-day life. And, that's okay for a lot of people. But not for me. And, I hope not for you.

There have been a couple of factors I've observed that contribute to laying down your dreams and passions. As I've mentioned before, Mindset is the #1 factor. Entrepreneurship isn't for wimps - and if you don't have your head screwed on straight about what it takes and how long it takes, you will give up. And often it is just at Malcom Gladwell's famous Tipping Point.​ Just ask any 'overnight success' how long it took for them to rise to the top 20% of their field, much less the top 10% to 5%. It was a heck of a lot longer than overnight! 

While you're waiting for your day in the spotlight to arrive, you have to work. And you can't just ​do a little here and a little there and HOPE something happens.

The secret to long-lasting success is building CONSISTENCY into your business habits. #consistency #entrerpeneuressentials

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CONSISTENCY - What is it?

One definition of CONSISTENCY in the Online Dictionary states that it is "conformity in the application of something." However, my favorite says:

"the way in which a substance...holds together."

If you want your business progress to hold together - it must be consistent.

Consistency isn't necessarily stability. As an entrepreneur our lives and businesses have an ebb and flow. And, for those of us who are Work from Home entrepreneurs, there's always something that seems to cry for our attention - pet, child, spouse, family, friend, etc.

What consistency does mean is a dependable, reliable system of working in your business that can be calendared and tracked. Note, I said IN your business, not ON your business. There is a great difference. And that is where Consistent Action takes place. 

When you work IN your business, you are doing those projects and activities that help produce revenue, profits - income. Working ON your business could be filing last year's receipts.

What is your consistent work schedule? For each person it is different. Yet, the best will tell you that if you do SOMETHING before the rest of the house is up and at it - the progress of your business will move forward exponentially.

Now, I get it. I work from home. At this stage of my life I don't have any children around. I don't typically have a ton of outside commitments. I can work when I want. However THAT can be a HUGE TRAP! "I'll just watch this TV show and then get to work." "Oh! I forgot to clean that shelf." "Wow, I'll go to work after I get back from the store." WRONG WRONG WRONG!

Why? Because it DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY!

Sorry, I was yelling...

The Psychology of Consistent Activity

Consider it this way, once you've made a decision about something, and then followed through on that decision, it becomes easier to do it the next time.

​Direct Creative published a fascinating article about the psychology of consistency and it's place in the realm of decision making. The story goes that there was a psychology experiment where a neighborhood of people were asked to put a HORRIBLE sign in their front yard. It nearly covered their home and had hand written letters basically saying, 'Drive Safely." Of course, in the first test group an overwhelming majority of people said NO when they saw a picture of the billboard. HOWEVER, with another test group, the results were entirely different.

The second test group had been approached earlier to put a tiny sign in their yard - so small it was almost indiscernible. When they were approached to place the horrible, humongous sign in their yard, 76% of this group said YES! Why? Because they had ALREADY said yes. (Okay you marketers out there - take note of this for your business, too.) The EASY YES, made it easier to say YES to something more difficult.

Create an Easy Yes for Your Business

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Consistency doesn't develop instantly. It is a step by step process. Do yourself a favor and give yourself an easy yes. When you develop an easy to follow plan, your consistent action will reap HUGE rewards.

It's like saying your going to lose weight. You decide your course of action is to put yourself on a calorie restricted diet and say you'll exercise every day for an hour, when your lifestyle has been to eat anything that doesn't eat your first, while you sit on the couch. It's just bound for failure. But, if you say, "I'll trade a piece of fruit for a fruit pie today" and "I'll park further away from the door at the store" those are things you can do. An easy yes.

So, for your business, give yourself an easy yes toward consistency.


  • to write out a list of things to accomplish this week - no more than 5.
  • to rank the activities in order of priority. That is, what will move you closer to your financial goals.
  • to put one activity on each day of the week.
  • to do that one activity on that day.

At the end of the week you'll have accomplished 5 goals. Next week it will be easier to do more. Before you know it, each and every day you set aside for your business will be filled with productive, forward-momentum creating activities.

Choose SOMETHING to do this week - heck TODAY - that can give you an EASY YES to consistency. Share that with me in the comments. And share this with someone else. Just hit that share button and let the world know!

Live At Your Best! Live Inspired!​

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