5 Signs You Might Addicted to Apathy

5 Signs You Might be Addicted to Apathy and How to Break Free, Donna Woolam, Living At My Best, coach, female Entrepreneurs, Christian, Women

Apathy is a sneaky devil. It masquerades as any number of acceptable attitudes and circumstances. Tragically, left unchecked, Apathy has the power to destroy your relationships, your business, your present and future.The basic definition is simple enough: absence or suppression of passion, emotion or excitement; lack of interest in or concern for things others find […]

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5 Ways to Get Your Courage Back

Courage is NOT the absence of fear.Courage is NOT the presence of bravery.”Courage” actually comes from a Latin word meaning heart.And, even though one definition is “the ability to do something that frightens”, I like the definition “strength in the presence of pain or fear.”We get the idea,  that a courageous person is someone who […]

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Have You Made the Right Strategic Alliances?

People at Table, Sun Tzu, Strategic Alliances, Donna Woolam, Living At My Best, Coach, Christian, Women, work at home, entrepreneur

Strategic Alliances are critical for a forward-moving, profitable business.Yet, not all alliance partners are the right ones, just because they have the right credentials.​In the past several weeks, I’ve been re-watching “The West Wing” on ​Netflix. (In my work from home life, I typically fix some sort of tasty lunch for my husband and myself, […]

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