September 1

Get Rid of Seat-of-the-Pants Progress



Focus is almost a dirty word.

When you start to talk about FOCUS, people get scared you are going to talk about DISCIPLINE and HARK WORK and DETERMINATION, and all kinds of things like that.

Yep. You're right.

Let's just get this straight, I don't always practice what I preach. No one does. But, this I know, when I practice FOCUS on any project, it gets done faster, better and is more powerful.​

Over the next weeks, I'll be looking at Focus in a different kind of way. Hopefully it will help to answer the questions of 'what to do next' when you are planning your next move.

F= Foundation

O = Optimization

C = Collaboration

U = Understanding

S = Stability

It's week one, so our topic is FOUNDATION.

Focus: the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition

No matter the plans or goals you may have for the next 1, 6 or 12 months - without a clear definition of where you are heading, I'll promise you this. You're headed for nowhere. Nada. Nothing. You'll reach the end and wonder why you didn't get anywhere you wanted to go.

Consider this: even the first time you went to your neighborhood gas station, you had to have a general idea of how to get there.

Your foundation is the INTENT of your work or activity. #focus

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So, let me put this in tasty terms.

I love my Mom's Mayonnaise Cake. OMG. It is sooooo tasty. Now, for the uninitiated, a Mayonnaise Cake might sound pretty gross. But for those who KNOW, we know that it is the most moist, decadent, sugar-rush inducing, guilty-pleasure indulging CHOCOLATE CAKE.

The thing is, there are a lot of different kinds of recipes on the internet. Before I asked my mom for HER recipe (foundation) I looked at all different sites. What I discovered was that though the body of the cake was like hers, the ICING and PROCESS of the icing were all wrong.

My Mom's cake has a fudg-y, drippy sauce that you pour over the top of the hot cake after you have poked holes in it with a fork. All the gooey goodness melts down into the cake until...(oh, man! I think I need cake)...your cake is filled with lusciousness.

Sure, I can have somebody's mayonnaise cake, but I WANT my Mom's!

For those who haven't figured it out yet, the REAL foundation of my Mom's cake is the icing. If I want the original, best result, I have to have her recipe and follow it.

Your focus foundation REQUIRES you to know what you want to achieve.

The end result is first. It is the basis for EVERYTHING. #focus

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As a creative type, I have a tendency to run straight out the door and into the project. Yet, if I REALLY want to have a successful course, interview, book or group gathering, I MUST DEFINE MY FOUNDATION! And you must as well.

Your assignment, if you wish to accept it, is this. Take a look at a project you're working on that really isn't making the progress you'd like. Have you identified the foundation (the end result) and made IT the first priority? Ya just gotta do it.​

Identify the end result and make it the first priority. #focus

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Next week, Optimization!

Until then...
Live At Your Best! Live Inspired!

About the author 

Donna Woolam

Donna Woolam believes you are ENOUGH! Titles, social standing, income - none of it defines your value. From the beginning of eternity to the end - you are loved. You are worthy. You are Breathtaking!

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