September 8

Ya Gotta Make a New Plan Stan



Focus: the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition

Hey! How was your focus last week? Are you on target? Did you get your foundation set?

Do you know where you're headed? If so, do you have a plan on how to get there? It's week two and our topic is OPTIMIZATION. If you missed week one, you can read it here.

F= Foundation

O = Optimization

C = Collaboration

U = Understanding

S = Stability

OPTIMIZATION is the process of creating a streamlined road toward your objective. You learn what it takes to reach your destination, and then create or implement the steps to get the job done.

In 2014, I was finally ready to write my first book. I had WANTED to write for a long time. In fact, in my early 20's I even took one of those 'back of the magazine" you-can-be-a-writer courses. I had written poetry and songs for a long time. But, I had never sat down, put my fingers to the task, and written a book.

For those of you who want to write a book, here's the plan to get it done.

Step 1 - Put Your Rear in the Chair

Step 2 - Write Every Day

Step 3 - Write Until You Think You're Done

Step 4 - Write Some More

Step 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - Edit

Step 9 - Write Some More

Step 10-15 - Edit Some More​

Step 16 - Publish

Step 17 - Start Over​

Okay, that may seem a bit simplistic. But you get the idea. Actually what I did was a lot of research on how to get started. I bought books on how to write and how to format for Kindle. I bought Scrivener software. I researched how many words should be in a chapter for nonfiction. I joined Facebook groups for writers and found resources on Social Media for Authors and THEN, I sat my rear in the chair and wrote, wrote, wrote, and wrote some more.

The thing is, I didn't KNOW what I needed to do to get to the end, so I had to follow someone else's plan the first time.

If you don't know how to get to the destination, you have to use someone else's map the first time. #focus #optimization

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Cheetah's are AWESOME! I mean, wow! They are built for speed. Dare I say, OPTIMIZED?

It is the fastest land animal and can reach speeds of 70 miles per hour. They are incredibly alert. In fact, I witnessed FIRST HAND how quickly they can focus in on a target.

A few years ago, my husband and I had the privilege of touring the Salt Lake City zoo with our two sons, our daughter-in-love, and grandchildren.​

It was a great day. People running around everywhere. The grandkids were enjoying a day out after hours of driving from Texas. We were having a lot of fun just being together.

We found ourselves in the Big Cat area. Most of them were in natural habitat enclosures lounging around in the afternoon sun.

The cheetah was pouncing around slapping at a GIANT yellow rubber ball. You could hear him smack the ball with his paw. He would send it flying across the enclosure and then he would leap after it. If the cheetah hadn't been so huge, you would have thought it was your precious tabby kitty cat in the living room. BUT THEN!

My husband, called out for our daughter-in-love to join us and she started running in our direction. That playful, spotted wonder stopped playing, turned his head, and zeroed in on our precious loved one. All fun and games were over as he turned full attention on Jayme. She says her mistake was to make eye contact.

The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I KNEW that if we were in the wild, Jayme would have been on the cheetah's dinner menu. And, Jayme can't run 70 mph.​

I just learned something new about cheetah's though. It doesn't matter how successful they are at killing something, if a lion wants to take it away from them, it can.

Now, does that make any sense? You hunt it, chase it, kill it, and somebody else gets to enjoy it?

The reason? After the hunt, the cheetah is exhausted and doesn't have any reserve strength to fight off poachers. Every bit of their strength is used to catch the prey. Even though they are fierce hunters and defenders of their cubs, they would lose the battle. They are optimized for a quick hunt, quick kill, and quick meal.​

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If cheetah's had a human brain, they could plan to grab dinner when there weren't any other big cats around. They can't make a plan like that, but you can.

Optimization gets you to the goal more quickly and efficiently. #focus #optimization

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A strategy or plan on how to get to your destination (aka foundation) doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it's better if it isn't. Too many steps can overwhelm you. If you are a member of procrasti-nation, this is just one more excuse to put it off until the day after tomorrow.

Say you want to get more Twitter followers. Spencer X Smith has a great, inexpensive, easy to follow and easy to implement course. Take a half hour every day, and follow his plan until it becomes your plan.

A simple strategy is the best strategy. #focus #optimization

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Or, you want to write, but don't know how to get started. The important thing is to take the first step. Like Jeff Goins says, "You have to start by calling yourself a writer." Here's a free report I put together for some of my Facebook fans.

Maybe you want to be a pro blogger, but it seems impossible. My mentor, Jonathan Milligan changed my whole perspective! His book, 15 Traits of Successful Pro Bloggers was just what I needed to get started.

This is the thing, you have dreams, and hopes and visions of what your future will be like. If you've taken the time to create a foundation (destination goal), then you owe it to yourself to take some time to create a plan to get there. Optimize your journey. You can do this!

Your new assignment, if you wish to accept it, is this. Create a simple 6 step plan to get you from point A to Point B. NO MORE THAN 6. You can fill in details later. Hey you aren't a cheetah. Use your human brain and create a plan to keep the poachers away from your dinner.

Next week, Collaboration!

Until then...
Live At Your Best! Live Inspired!

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