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Transition happens all the time. Sometimes it is slow and steady - like dark, to twilight, to day light. Sometimes it is dramatic - like when someone turns on the light while you're sleeping in a dark room.

Today, though, I'd like for us to think about transition as a birthing process. And, if you've ever assisted a woman in the birth process, or gone through it yourself, you may know that this is the most difficult phase of birth. Thankfully, it is typically the shortest phase.

Afraid to Dream

When you face disappointment and delay in the realization of your dreams, you can find yourself hesitating to believe they can actually come to pass. Thoughts and emotions conspire against us. You often decide to be "logical" and "realistic" and "just be satisfied" with the way things are. Yet, you are MADE to be a dreamer and hoper. In fact, it is the way your life moves forward. When you move against that DNA, stress, depression and a myriad of other ailments start to overtake day to day life. 

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Fear and hope walk hand in hand. They dance together just outside the corners of your eyesight. When one dances into view, you are more likely to engage with it. So, when fear is taking the lead, you find yourself having your toes stepped on while you are waltzed around in the darkness of the worst possible outcomes and failure. When hope leads, it's like Snow White with bluebirds singing around your head. It's all sunshine and happy songs.

Statistics say that over 80% of our thoughts each day are negative. It takes a good amount of discipline to pull ourselves away from the imaginary fears and position ourselves into the State of Hope. Though both require our emotions and thoughts, when we hope, we feel empowered to do something about the future. Transitioning from fear to hope requires a big shift on our part - and a determination to press through. Painful yes. Necessary yes. ​

Is Transition Worth the Pain?

I recently heard a story about Jerome Groopman, MD. In his book, The Anatomy of Hope, he shares about his own journey of chronic pain into healing. He had been told that his condition was hopeless, and he would have to endure incapacitating pain at the slightest movement. However, another doctor gave him a second opinion.

His pain was caused by the atrophy of his muscles. He could hope to have a near normal life, but he would have to use the very muscles that screamed in agony. He had to decide if the transition from invalid to well was worth the pain. The only way he could endure the pain was to visualize a future where he was able to walk with his daughter, enjoy traveling and a life that was filled with adventure and joy.

Today, you may be facing something similar - perhaps physical, perhaps not. The question before you is this, "Is the future you long to have worth the pain of the transition?"

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Walking Into Your Destiny

The simple truth is we can't remain the same and expect anything in our world to change. #ReClaimYourHope

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And, whether we like it or not, change involves transition.

Transition is inevitable. It is the human condition to evolve and change; to move from one level of satisfaction to another. Sometimes we choose to transition downward. It isn't worth the price, so we simply go with the flow. Yet, my question to you is this, "Do you want to experience less joy, freedom and happiness than you are now?"

Transition doesn't always involve excruciating pain, but it will always, guaranteed​, be uncomfortable.

If you want to lose weight, you have to limit calories and increase activity.

If you want to save money, you have to limit spending and put the cash away - and keep it away.

If you want to learn a new skill, you must dedicate the time to education and practice.

If you want to be free emotionally, you may need to cut ties with the person/people who are breaking you in pieces.

I could go on, but hey, you're really smart. You get the picture.​

3 Tips for Your Transition

  • Expect that the bigger your transition, the more it will 'hurt.' Knowledge is power, so they say. If you prepare yourself mentally that there will be some discomfort, it will be easier to overcome the desire to quit.
  • Transition usually takes place quickly. It's a little like ripping off the bandage. All of the thoughts and actions leading up to the transition last longer than the actual move into the next level.
  • Keep a vision of what life will be like after the transition takes place. Your hopeful thoughts will assist you when you are about ready to cave to the pressure. When fear dances in and says, 'What are you doing?", you'll be prepared to leave him to the side and tango with hope.

Life is filled with opportunities to Level Up. Will you kick fear out of the dance, brace for the shock and salsa with hope into tomorrow? It's your move.

Live At Your Best! Live Inspired!

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