Headed for a Heart Attack? Stop Following the Crowd.

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Recently, my doctor was sure I was on the verge of a major heart attack, or at the very least, a severe heart issue.

At her advice, I scheduled an appointment with a cardiologist. Of course, I didn't see him for a couple of weeks, so I went about the business of discovery - my default mode.

Because my cholesterol levels were off the chart, as were about 90% of all of my other blood markers, my doctor put me on massive doses of Omega 3 and a few other over the counter supplements, along with a statin drug. Bummer on the statin. I knew it wasn't good for me. She also suggested I trade butter for margarine and lay off the coconut oil. I have my own opinions on that, so I ignored that advice.

My online research revealed several supplements that could help and I loaded my cabinet with them: cinnamon, niacin, vitamins C, D & E, probiotics, turmeric, cayenne, and specialty vitamin B because she discovered I was folate sensitive with some weird gene mutation.

3 months later - off the statin and she decides it's probably my thyroid causing the issues.

Oh yeah, the cardiologist said there wasn't anything wrong with my heart except I had a slower than normal heart beat and maybe some reflux in one of my valves, but he wasn't worried. See him in a year just to check how things are going.

Now, I'm a woman of prayer and I believe the Lord healed me. I also believe He gave me sense to know how to take care of this earthly body. So along with the supplements, I started back on the exercise program I knew I needed, but hadn't done since the broken wrist debacle. I also began to eat more salmon, less regular fats, and more veggies. Smart stuff. Not rocket science. Not heart surgery.

My doctor wants to me to come back soon so she can see if the thyroid supplements she's prescribed are doing the trick. Only, I can't get the thryroid supplements she wants because they are out of stock at the vendor and her office never called me back to advise a substitute. Oh, well.

Oh, and did I mention that before all of this, I felt absolutely, totally, completely fine? I only went because I had promised my family I'd have a checkup. And, I actually had a hospital nurse tell me to stay away from a doctor except for standard exams because they will definitely find something to treat you for long term.

I have no beef with my doctor. I like her a lot because she's pro natural treatment rather than drugs. I did need a checkup because I hadn't seen a doctor in maybe 10 years. After all of the stress of the past few years with Richard's health, I knew it was important.

And, really, this blog isn't about my health. And, it isn't about yours - so don't take anything I say to be a recommendation of treatment for any malady you may be suffering. 

heart attack, donna woolam, heart in hands, success, ambition, christian, women, entrepreneur, work from home

This blog is about your life and your business. And this post is about getting your heart checked. Your LIFE heart...your BUSINESS heart. Are YOU about to suffer a heart attack?

My business nearly suffered a heart attack and die a slow, whimpering death. I know this because I could tell that everything was out of whack. And, I found myself running here and there doing everything everyone said, even when it didn't feel right to me. 

I knew the symptoms (like my primary care doctor when she looked at the blood work), but I wasn't sure of the actual meaning. That is until I had an expert (like the cardiologist) take a deeper look and help me to see the truth.

I finally heard a voice of clarity from my coach. He asked, "Why are you acting like an internet marketer when what you do is provide service and transformation to people?"

So, I naturally asked the question, "Don't I have to be on every platform to be seen? Don't I need to do Facebook ads and Twitter cards so people can find me? Don't I need to do YouTube, and Instagram, and Pinterest and Blab to build my market?" His answer? "Is it working for you? Has all of the money you've spent and all of the time you've spent created​ more business for you or more transformation for your clients?" My answer? "No."

And THAT'S when I knew I had just avoided a heart attack.

You see, what I do is walk with people in relationship to create transformation in their life and business. I do that one by one or maybe a handful of people at a time in a group. I don't do that by yelling louder than the rest of the world to "pick me, pick me, pick me!"​ Because, I can't out-yell the people with giant audiences and giant bank accounts. And even if I did, what would it do for the women I seek to serve day in and day out?

I'm not saying YOUR business model is the same as mine. It may be the right thing for you to do all of those things that don't make sense for me. And, believe me, I'll still be on Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram. I'll still have the Living At My Best podcast and still appear on Blab. BUT...and here's the important thing...they won't be my day to day focus. I won't be beating myself up because I can't seem to grab the leverage I 'need' or the SEO rankings.

What I will spend my days doing is connecting with women like you, who reach out to me and say, "Donna, I hear you and I believe you hear me. I'm a Christian woman who has a big dream to transform my world and the world around me." 

I will invest my time in learning more about the women I already know, and discern how I can serve them in a deeper way - whether they hire me as a coach or not.

I will allow my belief in Christ to come through when I speak. 

I will live my authentic truth - and seek to help others live theirs as well.

heart attack, donna woolam, heart in hands, success, ambition, christian, women, entrepreneur, work from home

Maybe it sounds like I'm giving up or giving in.​

Actually, I'm giving over. 

I completed Brendon Burchard's novel, "Life's Golden Ticket." I highly recommend it. When I say it's an easy read - I mean that it isn't a very large book and the language is easy to follow. ​It is a book which will tug on your heart strings with each page and chapter, drawing you along to an incredible conclusion. I won't spoil it for you, but I want to share a critically important part, so maybe you'll take a moment to do a heart checkup today.

Toward the end, the hero is standing where three spotlights intersect. One is the past. One is the future. One is the present. Both the past and future have people and events in them. But the present is empty. And for me, the great message to my heart was, "All I truly have is the present. Am I living any of my life here or always in the past and future?"

My day to day motivation is to create a great future and leave a meaningful legacy for my family, my friends and for others to follow. I help others take hold of their great vision and create a strategy to make that happen. I help women discover the true path the Lord has created for them to walk on. I know the value of future thinking.

I also know that looking to the past helps us to identify why we have blocks and challenges now. We look to the past to create a different future. It is important to see it clearly and honestly for what it is, and then let go.

But what about today? How am I...how are you...living in TODAY?

Are you about to experience a heart attack emotionally because you aren't connecting to the people who mean the most to you?

Are you about to fall victim to a spiritual heart attack because you aren't connecting to the God who loves you?

Are you about to watch the death of your business because you are doing things the way "they" say you should - when "they" are simply targeting you for their next sales pitch? (And I don't mean that critically. It's business. It's simply a reality check."​

What now?

Take a deep breath. There you go. Breathe in. Breathe out. 

Take both of your arms and give yourself a big hug.

Say out loud, "I'm okay. I'm enough. I can offer my authentic self to the world. It's what they need. And, the Lord will show me how to reach the people I'm meant to serve."

I'm enough. I can give my authentic self to the world. It's what they need.

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Then, spend the next few days asking yourself these questions:​

  • Do I serve individuals or businesses? 
  • Do my clients need more of my products or more of me?
  • If my clients need more of me, how do I best provide them access?
  • If my clients need more of my products, how do I help them know which ones?
  • Am I trying to break through noise in ways that have nothing to do with what I provide for my clients?
  • Is there a simpler way to create impact in what I do or what I provide?
  • Am I clear about how I want to show up in the world?
  • Do I feel authentic in how I am trying to show up in the world?

No Judgement Zone

Your business model may require advertising, video marketing and more. In fact, it may be the one thing you need more skill in doing and if so, find ONE expert and follow their advice all the way to the goal line.

Your business model may require high visibility in several different marketplaces. Same advice. Find the expert and do what they say.

Take away THIS MESSAGE. Be you. Do you. Share you.
Do NOT have a heart attack.​

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