Are you a Solopreneur in charge of 
Building, Managing and Marketing your business?

Would common sense Resources and Guidance 
help you develop balance in your Personal and Professional Life?

Would you appreciate insight from a woman who has been where you are?

Are you looking for Business Insight with a Christian Point of View?

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The Free Membership Level of the Living At My Best Community gives you immediate access to all of the free written eBooks and worksheets that address many of the areas a multi-passionate solopreneur faces.  

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All Resources are easily accessed in one central location. No need to continually opt-in for new content.

Just Some of the Content You Get  as a Free Level Member of the Living At My Best (LAMB) Community

Develop New Strategies to Move Your Life and Business Forward

3 Secrets of
Successful Speakers

Success as a Public Speaker isn't just about what you say. Learn 3 Simple  Secrets of Successful Speakers.

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ReInvent Your Day

What if you could create balance? Learn 10 Simple Ways to Create Work/Life Balance

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Simple Steps to Follow Your Dream of Becoming a Writer

You don't have to be good at English, or grammar or typing. It starts with you. Learn these 6 Simple Steps to Become a Writer.

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Ta-Dah! Productivity Concept

Hey! You have a lot to do. You might as well have fun doing it!

A unique and fun concept for creating your to-do Ta-Dah!!! List.

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Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life

Confidence Secrets

Put the Pieces Together!

Physical - Mental
Emotional - Spiritual

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Why Your Words Wreck Your Life & 5 Ways to Win the War

What you think, is what holds you back. The trail of your life is found in the stories you tell yourself.

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Prisoner of Hope

This Affirmation is a Declaration of the Power of the Lord to bring to pass all of His promises in your life.

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Grace of Gratitude

The most powerful way to change your life is with an attitude of Gratitude. This 31-Day Journal helps you capture Gratitude Thoughts in a unique way.

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