Make Up Your Mind Already!

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What your MIND tells you about your business and success, is one of the most essential aspects of your journey  as an entrepreneur.

It may sound overly dramatic, but your thoughts about yourself, your business, your competency, and your chances of success - make or break you.

Travelling the Entrepreneur's Journey​ is tricky enough without second guessing yourself every step of the way. The world is filled with rain-on-your-parade people who want nothing more than to see you fail?

"WHY?" you shout. Because your failure helps them feel safe. Your failure helps them believe that it's okay they aren't pushing the limits of possibility and chance. Your failure, helps them feel comfortable - mostly.

However, your success and failure doesn't depend on what they say about you. It depends on what YOU say about you. And, until you get that figured out, your journey will be a roller coaster ride of emotions - not just every day, but sometimes every HOUR.​

What You Read Changes Your Mind

James Allen's book "As A Man Thinketh" isn't a classic because it has a catchy title.

When I first began my journey as an entrepreneur, I realized I needed more than just good intentions to get me any where. I was raised by good, hard-working, salt-of-the-earth people. But, they were raised during the Great Depression, and a lack mentality was prevalent. Let me stop you right there. I can hear you thinking, 'But we should make plans for the future and be careful about how and what we spend our money on." You're right. But FEAR about money and the future ISN'T the right tactic. Smart planning is.

Some books and resources that are out there aren't for me. Because I come from a Christian Bible-based foundation, anything considered 'new-age' is on the outer edges of okay for me. That being said, spiritual truth is spiritual truth. James Allen didn't come up with the phrase, 'As a Man Thinketh." No, that's 100% pure Bible - Proverbs 23:7 to be exact.

What You Say

You are WHAT and WHO you say you are. What are you saying? #Entrepreneur #Essentials #MakeUpYourMind

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Add to the reading, the power of speaking, and you find, "out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks" from Luke 6:45. It is obvious that what you put in to your heart and mind, is what you believe. What you believe, you say. And when you say it long enough, that's what you get. Your mind hears and catalogs what you say. If you want more of the good stuff - say more of the good stuff.

I propose this - your words are seeds you plant for a future harvest.

When you continually speak words like, "I'll never figure this out." "I'll probably fail." "No one wants to do business with me." "I'm just not cut out for this." - you are setting yourself up for a harvest of exactly what you say.

Yet, if you tweak just a word or two, then before you know it, you have changed your point of view. Instead of saying, "I'm not smart enough", begin to say, "I'm learning more about this every day." Is it the same thing? Sort of. Does it change your perception?

It isn't 'just" the Bible, it's SCIENCE

Have you watched neuroscientist and New York Time's bestselling author David Eagleman's series on PBS, The Brain?


It is incredible to know that our perception of the world around us is a result of the pathways that electrical impulses for forged over time. What is more incredible is that you can change the way you learn, how you learn, and how you perceive things, by learning and doing new things over a period of time.

Eagleman says, "In a cubic centimeter of brain tissue there are as many connections as stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. Our thoughts, our hopes, and our dreams are contained in these three pounds of wet biological material.​"

What kind of pathways are YOU creating for your entrepreneur's journey? Are you adding to the experience? Are you investing in the abundance of resources at hand in order to GROW? Or, are you spending your time in activities and thought patterns that subtract from your experience and future? It's true for all of us: "a mind is a terrible thing to waste."

You/it) are TOO (fill in the blank). But only if YOU say you/it are.

What I mean is - if YOU say you are too old - you are. If YOU say you are not smart enough - you aren't. If YOU say you can do it - you can. Henry Ford's quote is as true today as it ever was. 

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” #HenryFord #MakeYourMindUp #Entreprenur #Essentials

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What do YOU say about your future success? Is is supporting you and building new pathways? Or, are your thought patterns and attitudes holding you stagnant?

90 Days to Transformation

I wish I could tell you that simply by deciding to change, everything would change in an instant. But, hey, I try not to be a liar. 

What WILL change is the concentration you give to the areas that need to be transformed.

What would happen if JUST ONE HABIT or THOUGHT changed for you in the next 90 days? What would the days after that look like? What relationships would be better? How would your bank balance change if you developed disciplined? What kind of standing would you have in your professional community?

I call this the Entrepreneur's Journey for a reason. There is a beginning, and there are steps to make that will move your forward toward the success you want.

Yet, if you don't have a destination in mind, how will you know when you've arrived? And, if you don't have a map, how will you know how to start?

Today, take a few minutes to consider what you've been reading, thinking and saying about your life, your business and your success. Are those thoughts and actions moving you forward?

Maybe it's time to do something different.

If you'd like a partner in the journey, check out my 90 Day Success Club. It might just be what you've been praying for all along.​

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