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When you search for the word Passion on Google, you get 134,000,000 answers within 0.42 seconds. Hmm, that must mean people write a LOT about Passion. To be honest, I'd be a bit nervous to Google images for passion.

Find your passion.

Passion Tests.

Passion Surveys.

Oh, and Passion Fruit. (Which has a VERY interesting history.​)

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Passion, by definition (according to Webster's) is: 

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a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something

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a strong feeling (such as anger) that causes you to act in a dangerous way

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a strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone

Is Passion Over Used?

I'm curious. Do you think we over use the word passion when it comes to our life and work? Is what we do every day truly the driving force for our existence? Or do we simply get up, follow the plan (which looks pretty much like yesterday's plan), fall into bed at night, and begin again the next day? Are we living a life that is in alignment with the most important parts of who we are as people?

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Deep within us, is a drive to live a life that is defined by more than simply making it through the day. It's the force behind why we do what we do, say the things we say, believe what we believe. Many call this our Core Values or Core Beliefs. I call it our Passion point.

The Inner Compass

We can do almost anything as long as it doesn't conflict with who we are at the essence of our being. But even the best paying, highest influence, greatest perks job will crush our soul, if it is out of agreement with our Passion Points - our Core Values. No degree of external success can make up for the brokenness of our internal balance or compass.

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When we listen to our inner compass, our values, our Passions, we are more likely to maintain a course that brings joy and fulfillment to our lives. When we ignore, or neglect, these passions, we can find not only life, but we ourselves, becoming dull, disheartened, moody, detached and experiencing a noticeable lack of drive or engagement with our hopes for the future.

It is vital to embrace your Passions. Those values and beliefs are what make you, well...YOU! Out of your passions, your Purpose is revealed. My personal philosophy is that when these two are in alignment, NOTHING can stop you from living a fruitful, joyful, POWERFUL life.

My Dad, The Master Rose Grower

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Picture an emerging butterfly, or a blooming rose. The beauty of what is revealed only comes about after the struggle to be free of the outward confines. The true nature was always there. Both are beautiful images of transformation.

My dad, was a masterful rose cultivator. There were only four rose bushes in front of our house, but they were bursting with blooms and fragrance all spring and summer. 

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However, each February there was ALWAYS a fight in our house between my mom and dad. In February, after a few good freezes, my dad would take the hedge trimmers and cut the rose bushes nearly to the ground. I don't know why, but my mom was convinced that the roses would never survive such a brutal pruning. He packed the ground with straw, and in the spring, would buy the worst smelling manure for gardens a person could find. Out of the straw and poop the green stems would begin to grow. He would trim them up, just so, to make sure the strongest and straightest got all the food. Then, the blooms would appear - red, yellow, and a beautiful orange, like the one above. The blossoms were massive, but the stems were strong enough to hold the velvet blooms.

It was work. But it was his passion. And the roses were the evidence of a dedication to that passion. After my dad died, the roses were never the same. We all tried to do the things he did - even my mom pruned them near to death! But HE was the master of the roses on our street in Amarillo, TX.

Your World is Waiting

The world around you - your world - is waiting for you to reveal your passions and to share them. Only YOU can express the beauty inside of you.

I encourage you to spend some time truly discovering your heartfelt passions - your core values - your central beliefs. As a gift to you for reading this far (lucky you!), here's a worksheet taken from my book Breathtaking! to assist you in the discovery.

I'd love to hear back from you. Post your thoughts about Passion in the comments. 

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