Your Story Can Change a Life

Hello, Lovely.

The ReInvent Your World Broadcast is reopening, and I would love to share your story.

The podcast will focus on how we, as Christian women, have faced loss and then begun to reclaim our life.

Now, loss is all kinds of things. And there's no comparison chart for whose loss is less or greater. The litmus test is this: did the loss change you. And if it changed you, how.

Loss is always a story about endings and beginnings.

Losing your best friend to an argument. Or losing the precious keepsake when you moved. The death of a child; a parent; a spouse; a sibling. Losing a job, or home, or vehicle. Maybe a divorce, or an accident, or physical trauma. Maybe you wanted to be a mom, but you can't.

One of my favorite scriptures says: "I am only a fellow servant with you and your brothers who hold to the testimony about Jesus. Worship God, for the testimony about Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." Revelation 19:10 NET Bible

And, I believe that any time we tell the story of how the Lord has helped us; it becomes a prophetic promise that the Lord will help others. We know the Lord is looking for those He can show His strength to. And your story can be just such a tool of testimony.

Will you let me help you get your story in front of others?

And, if after we talk, you don't want to share your story, that's completely okay.

Live At Your Best...


PS: Maybe you know someone who has a story to tell. Will you share this with them?

Listen to the Broadcast on your favorite platforms, or here on the website.

Everything you've experienced in life tells a story. And your story can give someone hope. I'd love the opportunity and privilege to share your story with the world. Let's have a conversation, okay? Just register below for a pre-interview, to make sure you're comfortable.

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