November 10

Your Power Team – What Star Wars Teaches Us [Entrepreneur Essentials]

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A Robot, a Wookiee and a Human went into a bar.

Thus begins the famous bar scene in "Star Wars." And, for a generation of people, a new standard of friendship and partnership was born.

Who doesn't want a Protocol Droid to tell them when they are about to start an intergalactic event? Who wouldn't love to have a selfless, out-of-the-box thinking robot assistant that takes the hits in the back of the fighter? And, don't we all have that friend that is too, too loud? We want to be adventurous and devil-may-care like Han as we walk out our world-shifting, purpose-filling destiny like the saga's hero. And then, there's The Princess. Co-heir, rebel leader, ace with a gun - and known most for her gold bikini.​

Star Wars madness reigns again (did it ever leave). The power of a team and the wisdom of long-term marketing is the driving force behind yet another generation of Star Wars lovers and believers rising.

I have two sons in their 30's. All they want for Christmas is Star Wars - The Force Awakens. And my grandchildren want the same thing.

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Traditional wisdom says you need a banker, a  lawyer, an accountant, a bookkeeper, and an insurance agent​. And, traditional wisdom is right. But, I want to encourage you to have a few others on your power team as well.

The Protocol Droid

We all need someone who knows the ropes. Who is in your power team that knows how to get you from where you are, to where you want to go? Do you have an Influencer in your power team? That is, someone who believes in you and wants to help you move forward?

The Daring Rebel

His name might be Solo, but he didn't get anywhere alone - and he knows it. As entrepreneurs, we can get stuck in our head, our way of doing things. The latest podcast on productivity we just listened to can swing our whole business model. We need a true-blue Rebel on our team; someone who sees the danger and says 'we can do this' anyway.

One great thing about our cinema prototype is his absolute humanity.​ We don't want a rebel power team player who doesn't understand frailty and humanity. It isn't about having someone in our team who doesn't see the danger. We need someone who understand there are times we have to break free from the restraints and go for it.

The Droid Who Has Our Back

Put whatever letters and numbers you want around her, we all need that one person on the power team who has our back, who has answers we don't have, and is willing to take the shots to keep us safe. Hey, you get the hologram picture don't you?​

The Big Hairy Friend Who Makes a Lot of Noise

Picture this - your Power Team member, bigger than life, who refuses to let injustice, injury and bad behavior be swept under the rug. This Power Team partner gives you courage just because they stand next to you. 

Now, your Power Team friend might not be furry and bigger than you. This is the person who has gone through some stuff with you. They know your good, your bad and your ugly. They've seen you wimp out and step up - and they are still standing next to you.

This Partner doesn't pamper your weakness or stroke your genius. She expects you to be the real deal. And even when you get made at her, you're thankful to see her on the other side of the room when the fighting starts. You never have to wonder whose side she'll be on.

That Person Who Has the Same DNA - Destiny Needs Accomplices

It's important to have Power Team partners with a different vision, calling, strength and destiny because we all need balance. But, we also need someone who is on the same path. Why? Because at the end of the day, the other people will believe in us, challenge us, keep us on the straight and narrow and protect us - but the people on the same journey GET US!. Male or female, our DNA Team member is ultimately on the same journey. It's why SEO folks hang out with SEO folks, bloggers hang out with bloggers and copywriters hang out with copywriters. All of us need to know more SEO, best blog practices and how to make a killer headline - and we need all of those people in our team. But, if your market is coaching, you need a Coaching DNA partner. If you are a creative entrepreneur, you need other Creatives to work with. 

It may feel counter-intuitive to work with people who are working with your same target market. I mean, what about competition? What if they get more customers than you? What if they get YOUR customers????? (THAT, is another topic all together, my friend!)​

Proverbs 27:17 tells us, "as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Notice, it's IRON and IRON that do the sharpening. Your Power Team must include someone who speaks your language, understands your conflicts, struggles with the same weaknesses and sees the same big picture. The problem comes when we SURROUND ourselves ONLY people just like us, or ONLY people different than we are. Balance, my friend, balance. 

And then there's the Gold Bikini

Nobody wears a gold bikini like the Princess. And, no one can serve your market like you.

It is critical that you get this point -- you have something to bring to your clients that no one else does.​ OWN IT! 

And, know this too, you are critical to someone else's power team. What part do you play? At any particular time, you can be the influencer, the clever tail-gunner, the stand-by-me partner, the accomplice, or the ​big, hairy friend. Your unique skills and talents are needed by others.

Be on the lookout for these unconventional power team partners. Get your team in order. Get out there and save the galaxy!

Live Inspired! Live At Your Best!

Add me to your Power Team! It's time to get registered for the 90 Day Success Club.

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Donna Woolam

Donna Woolam believes you are ENOUGH! Titles, social standing, income - none of it defines your value. From the beginning of eternity to the end - you are loved. You are worthy. You are Breathtaking!

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