The Well-Managed Mind

The Well-Managed Mind is the practice of trading our thoughts for God's thoughts through a process of Bible study, observation, creative expression of the Word, and practical application.

Of course, this isn't a new concept. But my process joins a lot of approaches and systems together into one central practice. Generally speaking, using the system creates awareness of how we allow habitual thinking, toxic thoughts, and poor mental hygiene to ruin our lives 

As a result of working with countless women over the years who struggled with confidence, I created to the program to help women to move from scared and stuck to confident and courageous. With this in mind, below is a recent workshop on Renewed Mind Design. In the interest of transparency, I want you to know this information is just one part of the proprietary ReInvent Your World Program

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The Cornerstone Principles of The Well-Managed Mind

The Well Managed Mind Donna Woolam, Thoughts

My analogy of a well-managed mind is a formal garden, with all of its accompanying pieces.

  • Architecture - Scripture
  • Plants - Write it Out
  • Repetition - In your own words
  • Focal Feature - How it Applies
  • Water Feature - Prayer

ReNewed Mind Design

ReNewed Mind Design, at its purest concept, is the practice of installing the Word of God over our current thought processes. As a result, we exchange our thoughts for God's thoughts. In other words, think of it as a software download; replacing one operating system for a better one with no bugs.

Toxic Thoughts contradict or attempt to countermand what the Word of God says. For example, the thoughts we think about ourselves compared to who God says we are. Toxic Thoughts include these principles:

  • The Centralized Taser System (designed to bring us to our knees), 
  • GNATS (Generational Negative and Toxic Sayings)
  • Habitual Hideouts (the places we go in our thoughts and practices instead of confronting our thoughts)
  • Victim Vignettes (choosing to be the victim in our story, rather than the victor)

The What I Thought Journaling Practice forces us to look honestly at our thoughts. It is important to realize your thoughts about your circumstances, your past, present, and future, and others, dictate the progress you will make in the future.

One Foundational Element

The Well-Managed Mind is only one segment of the foundation of the ReInvent Your World Coaching System. You find it within the ReClaim Your Hope step. Coupled with the Free to Feel and Crack the Code processes, they position you to clearly and honestly look at where you are today, how you got here. As a result, they empower you to create the platform for the ReIgnite Your Dreams phase. In the long run, the entire system helps you turn your dreams into plans, plans into actions, and actions into a beautiful life.

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