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Email Management - Autoresponder

I've tried most of the entry level autoresponder email programs. I've been working with different CRM systems since my early days in direct sales. I'm so thankful for the understanding that creating an email list is one of the most valuable assets you possess. 

My recommendation is ConvertKit.​ It's easy to learn, easy to use and is packed with features!

I especially love that many of the "pay to play" aspects of other programs is included in the ConvertKit portfolio of products, such as Landing Pages. So, if you DON'T have a blog or website, you can still collect email addresses in a professional way.

Pricing starts at just $29 per month, with a free trial period to kick the tires.​

ConvertKit Donna Woolam Living At My Best

Here's a bit of info from their website

Unlimited everything

All our plans include unlimited:
Forms, Courses, Landing Pages, Automation Rules, Emails, etc.

How many emails can I send per month?

You can send unlimited emails each month on any plan. No limits!

What if I'm not happy?

You'll be billed immediately after creating your account for the month ahead, but we offer a 30-day refund policy.

Simply write in to [email protected] and we'll take care of you.

The only time we don't issue refunds is if you are sending spam emails. Which is illegal, so don't do it.

We’ll never penalize you for success!

When you're with ConvertKit we fully expect your audience to grow. Quickly. As your audience grows, ConvertKit will grow with you. We'll automatically move you to the next tier so you can focus on growing your audience.

Can you help me move from my old provider?

Yes! We offer a concierge migration where we switch over all your forms, email courses, and lists totally for free. Our only requirement is that you sign up on a $149/month or higher plan.

What if my list is not that large yet?

No worries! Hire a ConvertKit Certified Expert! Our Experts are certified in migrations, and want to help you move from your old provider!

Still have questions? Request a demo.

If you still have questions about ConvertKit you can request a demo from one of our amazing team members. Just click the button below, fill out the demo request form, and we will be in touch! Talk to you soon.


When you are in the business of educating clients and customers on you, your brand and your products, webinars and teleclasses are the way to go. 

It used to be a bit complicated to get a Webinar online and promoted. Many of the software options are highly technical and a bit pricey. Google Hangouts is now YouTube Live, and you can still create live and recorded events on those platforms, but if you truly want to protect your content - or charge for the event - you need another option.

My Webinar program of choice is Webinar Jeo. What I think is terrific is that you can choose a monthly option or a yearly option. You get to choose when and how to spend your ​webinar dollars.

Webinar Jeo, Donna Woolam, Living At My Best

Here's a bit of what you get

Unlimited Webinars. Unlimited Attendees. Unlimited Scalability.

True Live-Streaming For Seamless Webinar Performance.

Integrated with Facebook Live!

Meeting Rooms, Integrated Chat, IOS and Android Apps

Webinar JEO is the ONLY Webinar Package You Will Ever Need

Themes / Landing Pages

I am a raving fan of Thrive Themes! 

Thrive Themes offers a complete package of Themes, Lead Generation, Landing Pages, Quizzes and Testimonies. And, their customer support and training is exemplary. 

If you are looking for a responsive theme with a content builder without all of the techy challenges, you will never beat Thrive!

thrive themes, Donna Woolam, Living at My best

Thrive Website Link

***Some of these products include affiliate links, which means the company will pay me a little bit to promote them. It does not increase the price of your purchase. Thanks!