Gift of Desperation – Robin Gilliam

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Robin Gilliam is the founder of Recovery Art Studio, an organization which supports people in recovery from addiction.

Walk with Robin as she shares her journey of addiction, healing and recovery through art.

Robin is also the author of “Gift of Desperation”, a novel which “tells the story of Claire Sebastian. Claire Sebastian leads a secret life. By day she is a junior curator at the NMWA in D.C., and by night she likes booze and hot, insatiable men. Tasked with curating a show entitled Art and Healing, Claire begins to face her past. And with the help of her childhood friend Evi, a wounded warrior who returns to D.C., Claire begins her journey of recovery from desperation to hope.” (Amazon book description)

You can learn more about Robin Gilliam on her website and via her closed Facebook group, “Recovery Art Studio.”

You can purchase Robin Gilliam’s book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book Locker or BooksaMillion.