Because God Wants You – Guest Post by Robyn L. Norwood

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God always knows what we have need of and when to minister to that need. – Robyn L. Norwood

A battle that recently introduced itself to me is that of womanhood viewed as inferior within my immediate culture and this world in general. The age old battles every woman deals with simply because we exist in what is often deemed a man’s world. I dare not blame God for the way things are, yet blame ignorance. In refuting the lies of the enemy and clinging to my identity in Christ.

I went in to pray the Word of God upon the initiation if this trial and came across the story of a woman I had never heard of “by name”. There are many, but I was brought to tears upon reading this because as always, God understands everything and the dynamics of the issues that contend with a woman’s soul. Her name was Abishag.

Abishag was enlisted for her youth and beauty as a live-in nurse for King David after he had gotten old and could no longer keep himself warm. She was enlisted to care for him and lay with him [non-sexual] until he died. She did her job well, however, she received no credence for all she had done and the contribution she’d made to David’s kingdom. Still she went about her thankless role as a servant and did so with grace and silence. To add insult to injury, upon David’s demise, his sons Solomon and Adonijah used Abishag as a bartering piece in a power battle for the throne. The throne had already been granted to King Solomon, but Adonijah tried to usurp it by asking Bathsheba, David’s wife, if he could marry Abishag [having ulterior motives] and he had a few people on his side in doing so. Abishag was also a member of David’s hosts of women servants, concubines etc., so he felt he had a right to do so to an extent.

Here is the point; in the midst of all of the degrading activity, this woman was deemed beautiful and useful for the gain of others and that was it. No one cared in this case what she thought or how the circumstance impacted her. This is a classic example of the phrase;”women are to be seen and not heard”, however, there was eternal significance in her role that appeared in vain. There was lasting value in her life. Though her significance and value went unnoticed by man, it never went unnoticed by God. This woman from Shunem; a member of David’s Harem; a beautiful woman that was used to potentially advance the ill motive of an impostor; kept a man, King David, whose life was instrumental in the lineage of Jesus Christ Himself! Her life held significance beyond what she could witness at that time, but it was of major importance.

Woman of God, you may hurt today for a number of reasons; maybe you have been overlooked at home, or feel disgruntled because it seems as if your efforts go without notice by your husband, male co-workers and male colleagues within the church. You may even feel a spirit of heaviness at the thought that women are seemingly less important to society, the church or even God. Allow me to serve notice that regardless of how you are treated, how devalued you are to other people, or what is expected/not expected of you because you are a woman, please refuse every invitation to hopelessness and bitterness and keep your eyes on Christ.

Women hold a great deal of power and you are of major importance to God. You are indeed His beloved. More than anything, a distraction from God’s love is what the adversary desires, not a hatred toward men. The place you hold in God’s  heart is one the enemy will never again have the privilege of accessing. He has been denied his place in God’s inner circle and hates you because God wants you.

Rest assured you are not living life holding “the short end of the stick” with nothing to look forward to. You have everything to look forward to because the God of all creation approves of you.

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