Life felt out of focus...

For years, I struggled with confusing thoughts running around in my brain. I tried not to concentrate on them too much - because they only made me sad.

There was this huge empty crack in my life between what I wanted to be and what I thought was possible.

I didn't know where those thoughts and limitations came from. But there they were. And I was stuck. Insecure. Scared to go after my dreams. Afraid I'd fail - but terrified I'd be an old lady filled with regret because I didn't find an answer. I needed help to set myself free from the web of self-criticism that kept me paralyzed every day.

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If you're a woman who has ever felt that distance between who she wants to be

and how life looks, then maybe we have something in common.

Because who wants to be a mom who can't teach her kids how to go after their dreams?

And who wants to be that woman who dies with all her music left inside of her?

Or who wants to be the only girl at the party afraid to go all in?

Not Me! And Not You!

Thankfully, I realized the help I needed wasn't out there somewhere.

The answers were inside me - inside my very own freaked out brain. And I discovered the power of Hope.

And suddenly, I knew I could get free.

I figured out how to overcome the 4 major areas that keep us trapped. And I can teach them to you.

Because you can learn what I learned... 


Clarity, Direction and Hope

Working with Donna gave me clarity, direction, and hope. Her ability to ask questions and dig deeper into my issues allowed me to see things in a new perspective. It gave me the confidence and courage to move forward toward some of my goals. Without her gentle spirit guiding me, I'm not sure I would have been able to start reaching for them at all.I would highly recommend Donna to anyone who is looking for a guide for their journey!

Stress is Gone

I learned much more than I ever have. I used to have a fear of rejection and inconveniencing possible business partners. But after working with Donna I have confidence in myself - God is good. And stress is gone due to realistic goal setting. Thank you for sharing with me your great knowledge. I would recommend your coaching skills to anyone I know.

Permission to Pursue

You gave me insight into what my strongest desires are, and that I am not allowing myself permission to pursue them. I really felt you cared and respected me. As you summarized what you heard me say, it felt as though God were speaking directly to my heart.

Tawnya Kordenbrock
Clinical Therapist

Taking it to the Next Level

Donna Woolam has inspired me to get out and build my dream business! Her coaching and insight was just what I needed to take it to the next level

Jayme Woolam
Personal Trainer and Health Advocate

Confidence to Dream

When I think of what I learned from Donna, my immediate answer is confidence. But that word isn't deep enough to express all I learned.Donna taught me to dream; to open myself up to the possibilities within me. I had grown stale in my life. Donna gave me energy. She showed me a path with many turns-that I wasn't just in the rut-I could travel on the road and see things.It would be easy to only discuss the business lessons that Donna taught me, but that wasn't anywhere near as important or valuable as the life lessons that she taught me.

Gigi Warrick
Direct Sales and Ministry

What will it cost to stay STUCK in the Past and AFRAID for the Future?

Because it isn't just about what happens for YOU when you overcome self-doubt, procrastination and fear.
It's what happens for the people around you - the people you love. 

There's a chain reaction of freedom - freedom for you and freedom for them.

One year from now you'll be somewhere - that's guaranteed. 

The question is, will you be closer to the woman you want to be or further away?

The Get Your SELF Out of the Way Workshop can give you 4 Master Keys to get moving
 in the right direction.

Give Yourself the Gift of Clarity, Confidence and Vision. 

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