Simplicity: Choose One and Grow

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There is a beauty in simplicity.

It's the fine pale veins in a bright green leaf. Or the bright eyes of a child in wonder.

It's the first star at night and the sweet breath of the person you love as they sleep.

We can find ourselves tied up in a never-ending stream of activities, arguments and agendas that really have nothing to do with life at all.

How do we bring life down to it's most simple elements and still continue to move forward in business?

Pursue One Course​

As entrepreneurs, especially as women, we can find ourselves running after everything at once. 

Building our 1-1 sales business; creating a course; developing a signature system; writing a book (or two); speaking; blogging; social media-ing; on and on.

At the end of our day - week - month - quarter - year...we discover we haven't really accomplished anything at all. We have a business in bits and pieces all over the place.

Try something different. Do one thing.

Simplicity doesn't mean we do our work without excellence. No, in fact, it means we do it incredibly. Eat the marrow from the bones of that ONE THING until you are content. THEN pursue one new course.

I appreciate Jim Chianese and Luke Charlton for reminding me of this powerful concept.

Ask yourself before you do any of those things: "Will this help me do my ONE THING excellently?"​

Simplicity to Serve One Audience

The biggest challenge entrepreneurs have is defining their core audience.

We falsely believe that narrowing our focus will narrow our income. The truth is the more narrow we focus our attention, the more powerfully we serve.

For instance, say you are an independent insurance agent. You offer a multitude of products. In the big wide world of marketing there are 1000's of insurance agents. How do YOU stand out when you are creating clients?

If you don't define your ideal client and market to that ONE AUDIENCE, you won't stand out. You will be lost in the noise.

Competition is great. It means there is a market for what you offer.  However, when you can narrow your attention to serve one segment of the client base, you can create marketing messages, blog posts, Facebook ads, etc. to speak their language.

Don't worry. It doesn't mean you can't sell a policy to someone not in your target audience. It just means you'll have a clearer message.

Ask yourself: "What ONE AUDIENCE would you like to speak to today?​"

Select One Theme

Goals are great. The old adage says, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

What if instead of trying to create a list of projects you want to accomplish in the next week - month - quarter - year, you had a theme you wanted to express in your work.

For instance, consider a Theme for the year of Service.

In every area of your business, you can ask, "How can I live out my theme of Service?"

Let's say you are that same insurance agent, with a single audience of first time homeowners. You ask yourself the question about communicating Service to them. What are some things that first time homeowners wonder about? Taxes? Utility Savings? Decorating? Maintenance? 

What kind of checklists, reports or gift certificates could you provide them to SERVE them? How would that set you apart? How would that make them think of you FIRST when it comes to insurance needs like car, health, life, etc.?

One Course. One Audience. One Theme. A more engaged client base. A more appreciative audience. Greater satisfaction and accomplishment. And, of course more income.

Save One Hour

To create more simplicity in your life, I'd like to suggest you save one hour each day for these things:

  • One hour for prayer, meditation or your spiritual practice.
  • One hour for physical fitness and strength.
  • One hour for planning with purpose.
  • One hour per week just for you, for anything that makes you feel more centered.


Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if you DIDN'T pursue the course you're on?

What would your life be like if you DIDN'T do what you do? Would life be more calm? Would it be less joyful? Would you be relieved or disappointed?

You have the choice you know. You can make like more simple for yourself if you choose to do so.​

Live At Your Best! Live Inspired!


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