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Why a Stretch is Better Than Busting Out of Your Comfort Zone



The Danger of the Wrong Kind of Stretch

Are you a fan of Elastigirl or Stretch of Fantastic Four fame? Both are known for their super-elast-ability. And when you're building a successful business, it's a good thing to add elast-ability to your superpowers.

You'll hear lots of talk and see memes that talk about "success is just outside your comfort zone". But, here's something rarely anyone talks about. If you try to bust out of your comfort zone without a stretch, you'll hurt something.

And, even though it is important to stretch first thing in the morning, stretching with exercise is a different thing. The best kind of stretching for flexibility is AFTER your workout. If you do it before your workout, you're in danger of hurting your muscles. After the workout, the muscles are warm and you can lengthen them without fear of damage. And there's a bunch more science, but this isn't a fitness blog.

("EXACTLY!" I hear you say. "Get on with the businessy stuff!")

Let's face it, it's easy to get into a rut of doing business the same ol' way all the time. We talk to the same people weekly, post the same kind of social media posts, and read the same blogs. But deep down we know it is important to do more. 

Yet the idea of doing something entirely different - like talking to strangers in the checkout line, is pretty freaky for most. Like the wrong kind of stretching before your workout, if you bust out of your zone and do something too scary in your business, you can hurt something. In the unfortunate event you end up with poor results you'll likely decide it doesn't work and give up.

Here's how to increase your business-building skills: capitalize on what you ALREADY do. Then do just a little bit more. Like a good after-exercise stretch.

Stretch for Excellence

Choose ONE AREA of your business you'd like to see grow in the next ten days to two weeks. For our example, let's use LinkedIn marketing.

linkedin search bar

Day 1

Login to your LinkedIn account 

Like 5 Posts

Comment on 3 Posts

Check the My Network tab for connection requests. Choose whether to accept or not. If you choose to connect, write a note in the message section, and thank them for the request. 

Ask a question relevant to your business, such as, "What's your biggest challenge with..."

In that same tab look at the People You May Know section.

If there are any in your target market, click on their name to go to their PROFILE page. Read over their information and request a connection. 

Add a personal note.

Day 2-14

Login to your LinkedIn account 

Comment  Connect

Message any who accept your connection request.

Thank them and ask them the same question, "What's your number one challenge with..."

Stretch Practice

Login to your LinkedIn account 

In the first 14 days, use the messages function to start conversations with your connections.



Take the conversation out of LinkedIn. Invite them to have a telephone call to get to know each other better. 

You can use these same tactics to build any skill. 

For instance, if you want to begin to do regular Facebook Live videos, start off small. Don't promise you'll be there every day. Do a quick video to say hello to your community. Invite them to share your page with their friends, or give them a free resource if they comment below the video. 

Stretch yourself just a bit every day, and before you know it, you'll have a new skill or tactic you're proud to call your own. You can do this. You are stronger than you know. 

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