Sissy Ellison Testimonial

Donna Woolam was a guest on my Lifequest Christian Network Program, “Reflecting His Gifts”. The program is an hour long…and the hour flew by as I engaged in enjoyable and inspiring conversation with this lovely Christian lady.

She definitely has the gift of biblically mentoring and encouraging other women, as she seeks to help them discover their God-given purpose.

Donna shared her own testimony, which was touching…as she shared her childhood profession of faith…a drifting away from that faith…and then, a glorious return to the faith of her childhood and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Donna poignantly shared not only her triumphs in her faith, but her trials and challenges. However, through every challenge in her life, even her husband’s cancer diagnosis, Donna has maintained her trust in God; growing through her trials and using those lessons to reach out to others with even more wisdom and compassion. Donna is truly fulfilling her God-given purpose today, which is to help other christian women to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ and to fulfill their dreams and their God-given purpose.

She was a wonderfully inspiring guest and I hope to have her on my program again!