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It’s Thanksgiving week here in the US and that means all kinds of traditions surface.

One that I’m excited to pass on is cooking a pumpkin pie from pumpkin to table; including roasting the seeds. Last year, I had the best time making pumpkin pie with my grandbabies. This year, a very quiet day – and we’re making homemade pizza with my sister, Glynda and her hubby Dennis. I guess that IS a pie of sorts!

When my younger son Monty, was in his early teens we had a project to cook a pumpkin from scratch. Well, he made the most amazing pie EVER! It became our family tradition for MONTY to cook the pie year after year. Although we opted for canned pumpkin most of the time, it was still a treasured activity in our home. He added just the right amount of something EXTRA to make those pies unlike any other.

Monty lives away from us now and so the task falls to…well, I guess, me. And to my beautiful daughter-in-love and my precious grandchildren. I’m thankful the tradition is continuing to a new generation.

Another family story around pumpkin pie is one I just HAVE to tell…on my brother-in-law, Dennis.

My sister and I married brothers, so holiday gatherings have been a lot of fun.

One Thanksgiving my sister asked our dear mother-in-law if she would share her secret recipe for pumpkin pie with her. Dennis was just never satisfied with the quality of the pie Glynda was able to produce. Our dear Johnnye looked at Glynda and showed her the recipe…A MRS. SMITH’S PUMPKIN PIE BOX! She said she’d never cooked a pie from scratch

Well, of course we have given Dennis grief year by year…this is my jab at him THIS year! (You know, just another family tradition!)

Even though holidays can be a bit stressful, the memories they create can warm our heart year by year.

Take a little time to resurrect one of your favorite childhood traditions — and create a few new ones! 

Share YOUR favorite Thanksgiving Traditions in the comments below.

Live Inspired!

How do we keep our balance? As Tevya says…TRADITION!


PS: Here’s a great link to with all kinds of videos and trivia about Thanksgiving.

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