June 13

Working for Yourself: The Untold Truth



Working for yourself isn't for everyone. Oh, I know. We've all seen those YouTube video ads showing expensive cars, massive homes, and a laptop lifestyle of hanging out on the beach. And, those things are absolutely possible. But, here's what you don't see. The HUNDREDS of hours of WORK it takes to reach that level. You don't see the stop-start-stop-fail-try again reality of building a massively successful business. And if anyone tells you anything different...RUN AWAY!

And here's why so many work from home businesses fail, an irrational expectation of what it takes to make an income to replace the income of a traditional j.o.b. Often, there is an expectation you can just set up a blog or Etsy/Shopify sales page, and people will flock to you to hear what you have to say and buy what you have to sell. Wrong.

It takes social media savvy, some advertising, and a lot of tenacity to get your information and products in front of people. It also takes discipline and determination to DO THE WORK EVERYDAY.

Irrational Expectations and Working For Yourself

Darling, here's the truth: don't expect to earn any income at all if your daily work approach looks like this: coffee on the patio 'til 10, a chat with your best friend 'til 11, meet a girlfriend for long lunch, and cram in 30 minutes of work before the kiddos come home from school.

You also can't expect to earn income if you stay in planning mode, rather than execution mode. Seth Godin says to SHIP EVERY DAY. And that simply means, put something out in the world each day so people can read and buy what you have to sell. And, you can only do that if you've created a daily plan to get the work done.

What Does it Take to Succeed at Working for Yourself?

Okay now, pick yourself up and shake off the dust. You can do this, even if your work strategies haven't been working out for you. And, if you're willing to do the work you CAN create that lifestyle you see on YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Specifically, the most important attribute you can cultivate is the mindset and attitude of CEO of your business. Afterward, it is a matter of doing what the boss does.

To help you out here's "Working for Yourself 101" to help you know what you need to do FIRST so you can succeed at working for yourself:

  • Get out your Calendar. First of all, cross out all the days and hours you already have committed to family and personal activities. This leaves the days and hours you can commit to the work you need to do in your business.
  • Are you Task-Oriented or Goal-Oriented? This will help you decide how to set up your work days and work weeks. Task-oriented? Schedule blocks of time to complete tasks. Goal-Oriented? Batch tasks together to move you toward the goal.
  • Schedule Office Hours and keep them. This accomplishes two things. Firstly, you become disciplined to get to work at a set time each scheduled workday. Secondly, it keeps you from feeling like you work all the time (or not at all.) When the work day is over, mentally (and physically if possible) shut the door. You and your family will appreciate it. 

Starting here will change everything for you. Of course, there are other traits and activities you want to cultivate. Yet, I've discovered the #1 Challenge for women who work from home is simply getting to work!

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Donna Woolam

Donna Woolam believes you are ENOUGH! Titles, social standing, income - none of it defines your value. From the beginning of eternity to the end - you are loved. You are worthy. You are Breathtaking!

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