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You Need Discipline to Rule as a Work at Home Woman



DISCIPLINE typically isn't the first thing women think about when it comes to working at home.

No, we usually think about Freedom, Flexibility and Financial liberation. We see ourselves lounging by the pool, with a cool drink in our hand, while hundred dollar bills roll into our bank accounts. And that absolutely can be your experience. But, it will never happen if you don't have some discipline to do the right things at the right time in the right way.

Let's talk about, okay...

Discipline of Attitude - Think Like a Queen

How does a queen think? How does a woman transcend dirty dishes, laundry in the corner and in-laws coming for supper and elevate her mind to one of leadership, discipline and service?

"Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation." Ann Voskamp

Research into the monarchy of England and the role of Queen Elizabeth, reveals she only has three RIGHTS: the right to be consulted by the Prime Minister, the right to encourage certain courses of action, and the right to warn against others. However, her DUTIES are numerous. And, as a woman who works from home, it's easy to see the same applies. We may have RIGHTS as a woman, but our DUTIES never seem to end. And somewhere in the midst of it all, we have to decide how to filter, sort, and categorize all of those duties into a workable schedule that serves our family and community, and moves our business forward. And that's where Thinking Like a Queen comes into play.

You can't afford to allow your emotions to drive your activities when you work from home. Because some days you will "feel" like you are doing a great job, and others you will "feel" like you've lost your mind and need to get a j.o.b.

Working from home is a decision and it isn't for the weak of heart.

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The CEO...ahem...the Queen is In

Each day, you MUST understand that nothing happens unless you do it. As a result, the sales won't get made; the customers won't be served; marketing copy won't get written. In essence, the work won't get done. Ordinarily, unless you are fortunate to have an assistant from the outset, you are a one-woman show. It all rests on your shoulders. And, if that's scarey...welcome to the club. 

A Queen thinks like the CEO of the most successful business entity on the planet. Each day, you must be able to say you moved the bottom line mission of the business forward. And you are the only person who can define what that mission is.

As a result, the only way to beat back the stress and fear is to have the right mindset.  

Discipline of the mind happens one way. You must get S.E.L.F. out of the way.

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    Self-Sabotage: What roadblocks do YOU put in your own way?
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    Expectations: Are your expectations or the expectations of others setting up traps?
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    Limitations: What do you believe that isn't true?
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    Fear: Do you allow fear to make you play small instead of standing tall?

Discipline of Activity - Act Like a Queen

Many women choose to work at home because they have a desire for more time freedom and flexibility. In the utopian mind of a newly-minted work at home Queen, is an idyllic picture. She sees patient cooing at the breakfast table; long, leisurely lunches and relaxed evenings with her special someone on the patio, as the sun goes down. However, reality sets in and the experience is more like scrambling with a squirt gun to put out forest fires.

Without the discipline of activity, our family feels neglected and our bank account glares at us with an accusing eye. We feel like we're working all the time, but there isn't much progress to show.

The Balancing Act

If we don't learn how to balance our calendar between personal time and professional work time, we'll discover we don't get much accomplished in either arena. And then, we battle the guilt that comes along with, "I quit my job to grow a business and now I'm not earning enough income to help support the household."

A solid, simple scheduling system empowers us to leave behind the emotions of the day and get to our royal duties. And Duty demands we refuse to wake up day by day and let our emotions tell us whether we are going to work in our business or not. No, a Queen is a Queen every day and she has decisions to make for the good of the people she serves.

I mean, really, can you imagine the Queen of England starting her day without a plan?

Discipline of the Audience - Own Your Territory

Do you know - I mean REALLY know - who your ideal client is? If he or she walked into the room would you instantly be on high alert and ready to serve?

Too often, we fall into the trap of thinking we can have everyone for our customer. And with respect Your Majesty, that just isn't possible. The Queen of England doesn't rule America. We may respect her. We may even be in love with royal society. However, she doesn't make the rules and regulations for us. And, if you don't know your own territory and understand the realm you rule, you won't rule anyone. You'll always be at war with yourself and others.

Do you understand the key wants and desires, fears and frustrations of your ideal client? Do you know where she hangs out online? Do you know what magazines she reads, which celebrities she follows or the charity she supports? 

When you understand these things, you won't be searching for clients. The incredible thing is THEY are already searching for YOU. Get this right and they will find you.

You don't need everyone. You typically only need 100 consistent clients to earn a steady income from your business. Generalized statistics tell us that with just 1000 raving fans, with the right sales system in place, you can earn you six figures a year.*

Invest time to research your ideal client. I did. And here you are, reading this line right now.

The Art of Discipline

You aren't here because you want to skate by in your business. You are here because you want transformation for your life, the lives of the people you care about, and the lives of the people you serve.

Discipline is defined as: train oneself to do something in a controlled and habitual way.

It is likely you wonder how you can figure everything out to create the business of your dreams. It is this simple: Do the work every day. 

When you practice the art of discipline, you will experience more peace, more freedom and more joy in your life AND your business.

It's Good to Be the Queen.

What are YOUR business disciplines? I'd love to hear from you. Post in the comments your best business practices.

*No promise of income is expressly stated or implied. Statements are based on averages of professionals who have an established business model. with products and services to sell to a specific audience.

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