Embrace Your Genius

Genius Isn't Your IQ

We think of a genius as someone who is crazy smart, or highly gifted, or even exceptionally clever in a skill or art. We rarely think of ourselves as geniuses.

But the Latin origin of the word genius means "beget" or birth. And its extended meaning is: 'attendant spirit present from one's birth, innate ability or inclination.’ You were born with innate abilities, therefore you are - or have - GENIUS.

Unfortunately, we live in an age of comparison. Almost without fail we will consider ourselves less gifted, wise, or skillful than most everyone we see. Today, I want to encourage you to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate YOUR own special brand of genius!

Your Personal Expertise Inventory Catalogue

Without a solid understanding of what sets you apart, you will never understand you bring incredible gifts to the world. When you don’t know how to maximize your life choices, it’s like trying to decide which brand of mayonnaise is best when you all you get to judge is how each looks on a white tray. 

To help you with this discovery, I’ve created a Personal Expertise Inventory Catalogue.


Technical Skills
List specialized training you received in school or learned on-the-job.

List activities you enjoy for recreation or in your quiet time.

Practical Skills
List Practical Skills that are important to know how to do in everyday life - like washing dishes.

Natural Skills
List any strengths, skills and talents that do not fall into any of the other categories.
For Example: organizational skills, public speaking, or sewing. These are areas that are EASY for you to do.

Highlight or put a * next to the items you could teach someone else to do - even if you believe that you only know enough to teach them at a beginning level.

Choose 2 Items from Each Previous List
These are areas you enjoy the most and believe you could teach. Now you have a list of just a few areas you can use to build a stronger business.

Build a List of Places
Now that you have an idea of WHAT those are, you can begin to find WHO might be able to benefit from your wisdom and expertise.

Make a list of potential places to share your expertise and experience, gifts, talents and callings.

Congratulations on Creating Your Catalogue!

You’ve taken an important first step to discover the impact you make, and the influence you already have in the in the world! 

Share the Challenge With Your Friends!

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