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Deep, Purposeful, Habit-Forming

I waited nearly a half year to write a testimonial because I wanted to ensure that what I learned with Donna was real in the truest sense: deep, purposeful, and habit-forming. I can attest with much happiness that it WAS. My previous weaknesses are no longer my weaknesses. I have been able to change my narrative, and in doing so, I changed my habits and lifestyle. I fulfilled goals that I had postponed for half a decade - professional designations, a published book, and a new job (all of which occurred during the time after I worked with Donna). My mental state is no longer filled with anxiety and depression, but with a longing for spiritual and mental growth. My marriage is stronger now than when I began with Donna, and it has been stress-tested constantly in this last half year. I want to reiterate that the tangible successes I have made were after my time with Donna, and not during those times, because so often life coaches want to equip you 'just enough' that you feel improvements, but you're not 'quite there' and still need them. Donna equips you so you can continue your growth and success even when your time together comes to an end. This indicates she is there for YOU, not for the money, and that cannot be commended enough. In simple terms - my 2023 wouldn't be starting off in an amazing place if it wasn't for the 2022 transformation I made under Donna's tutelage. Thank you so much Donna!

Ashley M Riley


Big Ideas

Having Donna as a life coach has changed my life by challenging me to utilize untapped skills through thinking outside my own area of expertise. Donna's coaching specifically provided me with structure to big ideas I had, deep questions that confronted areas of fear, and increased faith that has given me hope and direction for deep desires and vision within my heart. All of this has been done with an unbiased and competent approach. Donna truly cares about pulling out purpose in women. Thanks, Donna!

Lacey Ondracek


Returning to Joyful Leadership

As a leader who is always looking at the next thing on the never-ending list of to-dos, Donna has helped me not just appreciate but celebrate all I'm accomplishing, while simultaneously working on new goals and dreams. It has changed my ability to truly enjoy the present. And in turn has brought joy back to leadership.

Sharea Johansen

Worship Pastor

Clarity, Direction and Hope

Working with Donna gave me clarity, direction, and hope. Her ability to ask questions and dig deeper into my issues allowed me to see things in a new perspective. It gave me the confidence and courage to move forward toward some of my goals. Without her gentle spirit guiding me, I'm not sure I would have been able to start reaching for them at all.

I would highly recommend Donna to anyone who is looking for a guide for their journey! 


Liana George


Striving for My Potential

I have been working with Donna Woolam as my life coach for months now, and she has been so compassionate and focused on my success. It has been giving me confidence I didn't have in myself. With her approach of focusing on the individual strength and possibilities, it is helping me to strive for my potential.

Miriam Spence

Confidence to Dream

When I think of what I learned from Donna, my immediate answer is confidence. But that word isn't deep enough to express all I learned.

Donna taught me to dream; to open myself up to the possibilities within me. I had grown stale in my life. Donna gave me energy. She showed me a path with many turns-that I wasn't just in the rut-I could travel on the road and see things.

It would be easy to only discuss the business lessons that Donna taught me, but that wasn't anywhere near as important or valuable as the life lessons that she taught me.

Gigi Warrick

Direct Sales and Ministry

As Successful as You Want to Be

No matter what Business you are in, I believe Donna can help you reach your full potential, goals, dreams and be as successful as you want to be. It has always been an honor to work and train by her side through the years.

She has the knowledge to bring you anywhere you want to go...with her tried tools and tested methods, you can take your business as far as YOU want to go.

I had the great privilege of having Donna as my team leader. As our team leader, she trained, coached, and mentored our entire team with her methods; methods that she has used herself to achieve great success in her own business.

Paula Roberts

Business Manager

Recognize What I Really Want

The coaching I received from Donna was beneficial on so many levels! She helped me to recognize the things I really wanted. Her guidance was critical in identifying and then focusing in on the areas of planning and activity necessary for my business to succeed.

Glynda Woolam

Real Estate Professional

Permission to Pursue

You gave me insight into what my strongest desires are, and that I am not allowing myself permission to pursue them. I really felt you cared and respected me. As you summarized what you heard me say, it felt as though God were speaking directly to my heart.

Tawnya Kordenbrock

Clinical Therapist

Stress is Gone

I learned much more than I ever have. I used to have a fear of rejection and inconveniencing possible business partners. But after working with Donna I have confidence in myself - God is good. And stress is gone due to realistic goal setting. Thank you for sharing with me your great knowledge. I would recommend your coaching skills to anyone I know.

Ella Hood

Managing Director Energy Industry

Taking it to the Next Level

Donna Woolam has inspired me to get out and build my dream business! Her coaching and insight was just what I needed to take it to the next level

Jayme Woolam

Personal Trainer and Health Advocate

Simple Changes = Big Difference

I used to feel that I couldn't sell, which made it hard for me to see how I was going to grow my businesses. But after working with you, I can now see that it's not about selling. It's about sharing my true self and my experiences that others can actually relate to. You helped me see the simple changes and that is what is making a big difference for me. Now I no longer feel like it's going to be hard to grow my business. Thank you. I would recommend you to everyone I know.

Because of prior coaching sessions with other coaches, I did not expect to get anything out of this. To my surprise, these sessions ended up exceeding beyond my imagination. They were awesome and I feel very fulfilled and ready to move forward.

Kathleen Harrison

Health and Fitness Trainer and Advocate