So often, we think of seasons of life as some title defined by our marital status, the age of our children (if any), or the number of years we've lived. Yet, for living our destiny and creating our legacy, none of those things matter. It's the Kairos moments which change everything.

1 Thessalonians 5:1 says, " But concerning the times and the seasons, brethren, you have no need that I should write to you."

We are confronted with two words it would be easy to just run over in our rush to the next phrase. Those words are time and seasons. Without a doubt, each has its place of importance in our journey. 

First, let's consider the word time, which is the Greek word ChronosIt isn't too hard to figure out that this word means linear time - you know, chronological. One thing after another. It is a PARTICULAR time, or season - like spring or winter.

Second, we have the word seasons, the Greek word KairosKairos means an OPPORTUNE time; a suitable time; or, an opportune moment. You might think of this as being the perfect time to buy the juiciest peaches or the best time to purchase sheets at a sale. Yet beyond these everyday happenings, kairos moments are the breaks in chronological time which define destiny.

Time and Seasons

Can we agree that each of the linear (chronos) times of life have their benefits and drawbacks? There simply isn't one "best" when it comes to an individual's life stage. As women, we know there are benefits of being single, and of being married. Without question, we find proponents of having children or not in almost every community. We continue to segment ourselves by the decision we make to work from home, work in the community at a traditional job, or to do neither. However, it can't be questioned that on the linear timeline there are seasons of life in which it is easier to become pregnant than at other times - simply because of biology. 

But, I want to go deeper than biological clocks and social norms. I want us to dig down into the heart of legacy and destiny, and how those seasons of life open up kairos kinds of events.

Kairos and Destiny

If you've been in church any length of time, it's likely you've heard of Kairos Ministries. Kairos Ministries is an organization developed to serve the needs of incarcerated men, women, and teens. Additionally, they serve the emotional and spiritual needs of the families of those in prison. They use the term kairos because they believe the meetings are God's opportune time to make a shift or change in their lives. Of course, they are by no means the only prison ministries, but learning of this ministry was the first time I heard the word kairos.

When you are faced with a kairos moment, there is a change in your life. All of a sudden, linear time doesn't mean as much. Now, you may question whether you are old enough, young enough, or any other enough, but there is a decision to be made; an opportunity to be grasped.

To take this idea of kairos further, consider Ephesians 5:15-16. In plain English it says in the New King James version:

" See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, 
redeeming the time, because the days are evil."

Yet, in essence, the Greek translation says: 

"See the physical world with spiritual eyes. Walk around in this life with factually precise information gained by inspecting your surroundings, not unskilled and unlearned, but skilled and wise. Take full advantage of this favorable time of opportunity available to you, because each day is pain-ridden and filled with labor."

Living Heart Wide Open

Let's get real about this, okay. Most of us live life going through the motions. Our lives are a series of chronological tasks we accomplish to move from waking up to going to bed. We have routines, responsibilities, and regrets. We do the best we can in the time allotted each and every day. Yet, at the end of a year, we routinely create a list of resolutions in order to change our lives for the better.

We swear we will spend more time with our friends and less time at work. We promise we will lose that extra 15 pounds, give up that habit that feels like a tyrant, and determine to spend more time laughing than crying. 

Yet for all the promises made, we quickly almost inevitably return to our treadmill-ish existence; living life at a numbing pace. Just enough to keep moving, yet not enough to move forward and out.

Every day is filled with Kairos moments to redeem - if we will only see them and take advantage of them.

The only way to live as an opportunity-watcher is to live heart wide open in expectation. And to develop a mindset willing to take advantage of those opportunities as they arise. Most of those moments are tiny, fleeting eyelash whispers. You must look for them.

Every day is filled with Kairos moments to redeem - if we will only see them and take advantage of them.

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Subtle Shifts

Opportune, life-transforming moments aren't even always about you. In fact, most of them aren't. They are moments of kindness, compassion, releasing and acknowledging which let people know they are seen.

At other times, they are the decisions which shift the next 5 or 10 years of your life - your legacy. And these are the scary moments; the ones which often stop us in our tracks.

Legacy Life

Legacy comes from a word meaning, "the person delegated." You might think destiny and legacy are the same, but there is a subtle difference. Destiny comes from a word that means to "make firm or to establish." You see, there is Destiny, (the thing which happens); and there is Legacy, (the one who makes it happen).

All the small decisions of our life determine our destiny - destination if you will. A little mind shift here, a determined decision there, the big yes's and the small no's - all lead to a destiny. At the end of our life, destiny is a result of the action and/or inaction we chose. And, at any time and place, we can choose a different destiny. Not to put too spiritual a point on it, but a decision to be a follower of Jesus is one of those destiny decisions. At that crossroad, the arrival point in eternity becomes "firm/established."

Your response to kairos (opportune moments) shape the seasons of life ahead of you. Today, tomorrow or next week you will come face to face with a moment to shift your entire life. In particular, if you have been praying for an answer to a particular need in your life or business, understand that God is listening and He has already sent an answer. Your responsibility is to have your eyes open for the answer. And then, to embrace the opportunity. Redeem it. Buy it up. Take full advantage of it. 

After all, it is your Destiny at stake. And you are the only person who can bring your Legacy to pass.

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